What could go right?

Most of my life I often held the view of “Hope for the best, expect the worst and plan accordingly.”

Not a fun way to live. It has you looking at everything that can go wrong which can cause your subconscious mind to allow you to do things to face those possibilities. I have often said you will do things behind your back in front of your face.

We all have those moments where we are looking at ourselves wondering why we just did or said that.

I accepted that in order to continually grow through life I would be continually in a state of self observation and reflection in order to find the growth opportunity in the moment. That takes work.

That takes continuous work that never really ends.

What I think is always subject to change, however how I think never changes.

How you organize your thought process is what creates the reality to give you something to think about to see if maybe some changes within in are on the menu for the day. My thought process has always been to take in everything from as many sources and views as I can find on one topic and then examine it and see what feels right for me and my life. I work to understand the emotional attachment that others apply when stating their position and make attempts to care as they do and see how that makes me feel about myself. When a new view presents itself, I take a moment to work my process to see if an adjustment is needed or desired and why.

I have worked diligently to attempt to take the idea of judgement out of my thought process even when looking at myself and instead of judging myself and finding me guilty, I instead change the process to find opportunity for inner change to promote growth that will help me feel better about who I choose to be and how I choose to represent that.

The most difficult part of my process for me is to keep it in the now and not allow history to define anything in the present. The challenge is to remember the concepts of the lessons learned and wisdom gained without having to tie it to history. Living in the now, understanding it is all that exists.

If you need history teach you over and over again the same lessons, why in the holy blue fuck did you not learn it the first time?

For me that answer is because I am human, however it’s no excuse to not make the effort to not need the history to be repeated or reviewed all the time in order to get better from myself.

At some point you just remember that your intuition will tell you if what’s in front of you feels right and why. To get there takes seeing how many times in the past you didn’t trust you and how it went. Once you learn to trust you in the now there is no need to look back.

Everything I do as a teacher and a guide is to turn you inward to build faith in you and your ability to make good choices and say fuck the bullshit in life to be the you that makes you one of your top 5 favorite people in the world. It’s not because you think that highly of yourself, you become one your favorite people because you understand you have to take care of you to be able to be a gift to those you would give yourself to.

In giving of yourself, you do that every time you are in the presence of or interact with others in any way shape, form or fashion.

What are you giving the world?

I ask myself that question throughout the day before I even dare allow myself to speak.

I set the intent in life to be love in living action and thought and speech. I set the intent for my being to be a gift of love in it’s purest form to any and all I encounter.

To live up to that intent is not always warm and fuzzy and it’s not always fun. However it produces results in life that touch lives that touch lives that touch lives. That’s my plan to change the world by being the change I want to see in the world.

Living love in every form it can take in your life gives you endless opportunities to grow and become as needed for those in need to be of service to anyone and everyone that crosses your path.

Regardless of how you identify yourself in gender these are the concepts I apply to what it means to be a King or Queen in this world. To live in service to each other in love because it takes us all to save all of us.

Love says what could go right because love will fight to fix it anytime something goes go wrong.

What could go right in your life today?

Are you gonna work for it to go right?

Are you going to align your thought process to see what could go right in your life today?

Are you going to ignore what could go wrong and instead see what could go right?


This is one of those days in life I can sincerely type this out and meant it.

Thank you to everything for everything.

It’s how I acknowledge I am grateful for everything that ever happened in my life to lead me to this moment right now. It’s a lot of work to truly have this gratitude in my heart to share with all of you and I and grateful to myself for seeing the value of doing the work in me to be this man.

Big love bomb of a hug sent out to all world wide. Pass it along as you enjoy today’s ride.


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