Do something, anything

I found an incredibly good reason to spend a lot less time online and a lot more time in my community doing something locally to make a global impact.

Every community has centers that need volunteers who desire to be part of healing and growth and as a result making an impact in lives that can make an impact in other lives and it’s exponential.

What’s nice is the place I found to go be part of what’s going on is walking distance and for me that’s an added bonus. As I have been slowly rehabbing my legs my number 1 enemy to my recovery has been the car. I was talking with someone I got to for advice and a view adjustment.

Yeah I have someone I go to.

I feel like a hypocrite when I drive. If I had a bike, I would ride. In my younger years I often forsake the car in favor of a bike. It was when I started losing mobility that I found myself riding less and driving more. One of the things I missed the most over the last few years I have not been able to get around is how active I used to be.

We often run and hide from the guilt we feel for not doing something, anything to make an impact. Some of us let it beat the holy fuck out of us until it motivates us to do something, anything to make that guilt go away and stay there. Some of us dance around it, bobbing and weaving to avoid that sinking feeling our stomach that comes up every time we ignore something we could be doing to be of service to our community and in doing so be of service to own lives.

I find for myself it’s a soul saving experience to go out and give of yourself in your community and the soul you save is your own. I’m at my worst when I feel as though I am not making enough of an impact and feeling as though I could be doing more. It creates a self loathing that can sometimes fuck with my head and the way I express myself. It happens to us all. We are human and it’s how the human works to get better from the human.

We do things behind our backs in front of our faces all the time to set ourselves up for moments we might let fear keep us from.

I had one of those moments recently and I am so happy with myself for my shenanigans that yesterday, gave my life direction it sorely needed as to how I can be of better service to my community. It led me to place where there is always going to be a need for people who give a fuck.

I often put myself in a bubble and ignore the world because I do care and I often find myself wrecking myself in the way I allow it to effect me. I feel powerless to do anything and get myself locked in a cage of pain and rage that keeps me from acting.

That’s not doing anyone any good. While it is important to see what’s going on and allow it to touch your humanity and pain you as it should, that pain is not something to revel in or wrap yourself in. That pain once experienced best serves you by stepping out of it with a pragmatic view.

“What can I actually do?”

Asking yourself this one question is an act of preparation to do something. It opens you to doing instead of talking or in my case writing and then being left with a twisting feeling of guilt that binds you up from the inside and can twist your view of you and the rest.

For some it’s  going to a local Jesus center and volunteering as a server.

For some it’s volunteering at their kids school.

For some it’s spending time moving around and finding different places to be of service.

Do something, anything that gets you out in your community and away from your computer, phone and TV and I guarantee you will thank yourself for the relief from the guilt you are trying to ignore right now.

I’m off to finish preparing for my day at a local community center giving what I got to whoever shows up.

I feel better already knowing that’s my plan to act locally understanding it will make a global impact.

Your life, make your choices and live with them accordingly.

For those of you wondering who is the Life Coach Max goes to?

More to come later after she’s done with me.

My human selfishness.


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