Metaphors of the Spirit world

I always find it funny when someone tried to tell me this is that and that is this when it comes to what exists on the other-side that is all around us.

As a Shaman Soul Retrieval goes with the gig. Any Shaman afraid to go directly to the gates of hell and kick the fuckers open for a retrieval is not a Shaman.

Shaman’s train to become scarier than the demons that would plague you.

They are often ill tempered because to need a Soul Retrieval you did something stupid and a lot of it. They are often weary from battle and weary of it’s need. They are not the warm fuzzy type and often lose patience with stupidity rather quickly.

Light, Dark and False Light is the metaphors I will be using for the rest of this.

At times God will call upon a Shaman to show up somewhere to expose a False Light giving false teachings to a tribe.

In my life I wandered the dark and kicked little lost lights back to the other-side.   A silver mirror is never seen less a light be shown in the dark. I had my chance to go and live in the light. I made the cross over and was so disgusted by all the false light I pulled back to the Silver Line. That silver line that binds the light to the dark. While walking the line I spent a lot of time kicking lights away from the edge of the dark and kept a few dark things from crossing over as false lights.

What pissed me off was finding more humanity and compassion in the dark than in the light because of all the false light fucking the place up in the form of the modern landscape of spiritualists who think love and light means something it does not. In fact that terminology is the hallmark of the False Light.  Here’s why.

Unconditional love is pitch black and accepts and takes in everything. God is the Void. The Light Bringer also know as Lucifer, the brightest and most beautiful of all the Angels, is the light that God spoke into existence. Only in the light do we see evil. In the dark we never know it’s there and rely on our faith in God to keep us safe as we are in God’s sacred darkness.

I tired of the endless fight walking the line is and retreated to the woods at the end of the line. I went deep into the woods and built a simple and plain Dojo to exist in a serene tranquility and contemplate the experiences of my life to decide what to do next. I would walk to the edge of the woods and look at the darkness and at the light and it always made me sick to my stomach as I could see the false light was winning.

I have had too many so called spiritual practitioners tell me directly they do little charity work as they see that if you don’t take care of yourself to the point to be able to afford their services that is on you and they are free to ignore you without guilt. These are the same people who say love and light and then turn their backs on those in the most dire need. Their lack of compassion for their fellow human shows the false light they are.

These people make it really difficult for me not to get really pissed off when I talk to them. When you can feel the anger of the other-side towards these false prophets of sorts it’s hard not to give in and let it channel through as the Empath and Medium I am.

This is why real Shamans such as my self don’t write blogs like this generally speaking. They often make themselves difficult to find and talk little about what they really do.

Soul retrieval and soul healing is the primary function of a Shaman’s life. Anyone who tells you different is marketing and using the term for marketing purposes. or to attempt to get away with using psychedelics under the guise of religious practice.

Psychedelics are short cuts that cut you short of a much grander experience. However I do recommend marijuana use as it is not a filter remover it helps relax the mind to accept what spirit will show you during meditative sessions that can and will produce visions for anyone. The journey is a journey within and best taken solo as to not be influenced by the people around you and limited in making larger strides because those around you are not there yet.

Or to say the group thing actually inhibits progress and stunts growth and creates a crutch that can limit ones view of ones ability to discover on their own.  Science has done studies that reveal that the larger the crowd the lower the intellect. It works the same with levels of conscious awareness. In a crowd you limit how high you can go unless you remove yourself energetically from the crowd.

This why group sessions and seminars and workshops with groups actually limit your progress and keep you on crutches longer.

The truly best course for anyone is to have at least a guide who knows what the fuck they are doing while they journey solo. It promotes faster growth and independence and empowerment. It builds faith in oneself much faster and that faith is much stronger as a result.

There’s a reason a Shaman is often ill tempered. They see it all, everything you fall for they see right through and have to remind themselves so few have the sight to truly see and wander half blind through life.

Now please remember all this light, dark and silver line stuff is metaphor. Simply understood concepts by many that allow religion to be removed from the equation. I only used the Lucifer reference for two things, 1 to piss off the Christians, an admitted hobby, and two because it’s widely known.


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