Local action has global impact

I have been spending more time out and about as my physical health has been getting better.

I went to a meeting that never happened tonight to have the meeting that needed to happen. A couple of men who understand civil liberties and protecting them much better than I do needed a little nudge in coming up with a new plan of action for the local community.

Local Civil Liberties Union.

If you are not in a big city it’s not always easy to get the ACLU to understand why they should care and take interest enough to travel to you and it is far to often those who need their help can’t afford to travel to them. All I did was ask a question and point out the other mans answer was the the correct one for the path they would both choose however needed someone to get the conversation started.

Asking the right questions always leads to the best adventures because the right questions are the ones that keep you up at night that you feel like no one can answer. I get asked those questions a lot and sometimes the answer flows through me and sometimes someone else has the key to unlock the mystery and bring clarity to the issue at hand.

The night before I attended a 100,000 Poets for Change event in our local downtown children’s park in Chico, Ca. There were many moving readings and musical performances as well as a wonderful silent performance art piece. I did a little free form spoken word. Any of those who got up and performed last night could easily be singled out for the way they brought it straight from their core as to why we were all there with what we each had to share.

The words spoken and sung last night will carry on across the globe being felt and then go off into the cosmos to travel to the far distances of the universe some day.

The signal never stops.

Regardless of whether or not any word is heard, every word is felt.

That alone often gives me pause with my speech. It reminds to be patient with my words and to be honest in the expression in the moment to be of best need to whom ever I am sharing that moment with.

I had a rare pleasure last night to connect with fellow awakened and enlightened soul.

A need to be heard so deep it showed.

It was a pleasure to listen and share and take the time to set the foundation for a future friendship. We too often put the context of romance around the idea of companionship when in reality it has no place in true companionship. Romance is about ownership. A companion is a deep bond and could involve a romantic aspect however it is not necessary and in many cases can fuck up a perfectly good set of companions who get one another in ways others don’t.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.
C. S. Lewis

One of my favorite all time quotes.

Take a moment to think about everyone else you interact with that some of the people in your life may never meet. They have those people too. Eventually the web reaches around the world because we are all truly connected.

We discover how connected we already are through conversation and in those conversations we create a ripple that will be felt by everyone in each others lives. Or to say the effect of one face to face encounter truly effects all of us eventually in some way whether it is ever known or not.

Every local action makes a global impact whether the result is seen now or years later or sometime in between.

Act now, think later, do more, it all helps all of us.

Big love bomb of a hug for you all and remember we are all blessed and there is no reason to put it to the test.



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