I know this sounds weird, but…

The other day a friend of mine asked me if I noticed anything weird. I had to ask him his definition of weird. Here’s why.

I find myself a rarity in some of the things I have done and witnessed and people I have known. How many people do you know that were born with a short leg and lived with it for 39 years and at age 42 both legs are the same length and the over sized hip I was born with matches the other one now. A miracle in the eyes of some and a total defiance of everything science and modern medicine thinks it knows.

What do think you got that is weirder than that?

It was over a decade ago when I was going through some physical therapy after a car accident and they put me one of those industrial electro-stimulation units. The man running the machine had to set it beyond the danger settings before I could feel anything. I remember he commented that he had never seen anyone with such a high pain tolerance in his life. He said on a 1-10 scale my 8 would be off most peoples scales. My 10 would kill most people.

What do think you got that is weirder than that?

While I was undergoing the internal metamorphosis of making my skeleton symmetrical my pain went to 11 on my 1-10 scale and stayed there for over a year. Prior to that I had been living with my daily pain hitting 10 and I often woke up to an 8. The short leg and over-sized hip coupled with several back injuries had left my body twisted and broken. I had a limp and could barely stand to be on my feet for longer than 15 minutes. During the process I felt as though I was the walking dead. My head was never clear as the pain never ceased.

It’s been more than 2 years and on occasion I stick my legs out in front of me to make sure it wasn’t all a dream.

What do think you got that is weirder than that?

Frequently in my life I have the following happen.

I am sitting around and I feel this need to go somewhere and I am filled with a feeling and I go that place and I run into some one and have a conversation. At some point they say “I’ve been praying/wishing/hoping/wanting for someone to talk to about this.”

What do think you got that is weirder than that?

I frequently freak out my friends when I hit them up out of no where asking them what’s wrong and something is.

What do think you got that is weirder than that?

I have had men and women alike approach me claiming to be a variety of deities and creatures from mythology.

To date I was hired and fired in the same week by a man claiming to be a Genie.

I had the Goddess Isis in the form of a French woman tell me my soul had been spread across the globe and she was going to bring it back together and bring me back to life with a magic blowjob.

I had Loki show up my doorstep in the form of a young man who had been abusing too many drugs.

I had a phone call with the Universes Super Being in the form of an inventor in New York.

I had a self proclaimed Demon Slayer sitting in my living room once.

What do think you got that is weirder than that?

I have people hit me up from across the world to get my advice in dealing with psychic attacks and developing their intuitive skills. I have people hit me from across the world telling me they don’t know why they are contacting me they just feel drawn to me for some reason.

What do think you got that is weirder than that?

I channel Archangels and the higher-selves of the rest of you.

What do think you got that’s weirder than that?

Realize there is metric fuck ton of much weirder shit I left out.

I hope all of who read this realize there is nothing weird in your life that is going to be weirder than anything I have seen or live with daily.

If you think no one else is going to understand, give your friendly neighborhood Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman a shot at it. I am willing to bet I can help you feel less weird about whatever it is and help you make sense of it.



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