The Law of Reflection and Cosmic Alchemy 101


There is a cost to fulfilling every desire that we often ignore in the details we allow ourselves to be aware of.

This alone is the bliss that some enjoy that inflicts suffering on others against their free will and is why we are responsible for each other’s happiness as much as our own. Anything less than that is a cowards cop out to ignore the damage their life does.

If you truly want an enlightened view you have to face the ugly truth of who you have been and the damage that your life has done and does. The enlightened view or reaching enlightenment is a path of horrors and they are mostly your own. However this truth does not sell books or seminar tickets. This truth does not fill people with inspirational hope and make enlightenment look like a fun thing to achieve.

Tough shit, grow the fuck up and get the fuck over it and join us here in the really real world for the next 5 minutes.

When I worked at Klean Kanteen and Lucas Parsons the Quality Manager at the time came back from seeing the Chinese manufacturing plants the company was using, I saw the damage being done that made me happy they wrongfully terminated me. Lucas had shot video with his phone and was showing us. It was below slave labor standards the conditions these people were working in. He had cracked a joke that we should be grateful fops the shitty equipment we did have and the less than comfortable working conditions we were in. We had been exercising our legal rights in getting ergonomic evaluations for our job that was starting to cause back problems for everyone on the crew.

When I say I was wrongfully terminated. Lucas Parson had referred to his boss a woman in derogatory ways frequently to me and the other staff. The other staff has harassed me trying to see what it would take to get me to blow my top. I had filed a hostile workplace complaint with HR and I was fired the next day for it. Every lawyer I spoke to about suing Klean Kanteen said that I had not worked there long enough to make it worth it for them. There were at least 6.

This is why I boycott Klean Kanteen.

In order to have cheaper products we have people working in slave conditions. Because we ship our manufacturing over seas we have a higher unemployment and homeless rates. It is the responsibility of the corporations who shipped the work out of the country to replace those jobs.

That is what social responsibility is. You profit off the society you operate in and you make sure to take care of that society as well. You make sure you are providing to not only taking from. You look at the real human cost as part of your bottom line that numbers can never quantify or qualify no matter what kind of measurement parameters you set.

To have one must become that which it makes sense to be having what one desires to have. To have some things it takes ignorance as once you understanding the true cost behind the dollar amount you start to lose interest and you start curing yourself of the endless hunger of want. You see the ugliness of your own desires and begin to hate yourself terribly. If you have never hated everything about you and your life at some point, you are asleep and lying to yourself so you can ignore the nagging guilt. You have to go to the bottom of the pit of hell if you ever really want to know what heaven looks like.

I understand why no one wants to take an honest look at their life and do so using their own what ever it is you use for spirituality to judge themselves based on getting into the details of what our lives truly cost. As much as each of us will never truly know the number of lives we have touched in a good way, we also will never truly know how many lives we have destroyed or brought long suffering to in order to have the life we do living it the way we do surrounded by the stuff we call ours.

Anyone who would never give you the ugly side of life is using you to live off of you and feed off of you. They want you in that delusion thinking that it’s your fault you’re not happy and can’t stay happy all the time. That if you’re not happy all the time there is something wrong with you.


There are no positive or negative emotions, that is marketing to get you to buy their books and their classes and their session time and their whatever else they package around their personal brand of selling enlightenment these days.There is simply emotion and intent and intent needs to be understood in order to be changed. Learning intent is asking the questions.

Why did you say that?

Why do I you that way?

What led to you thinking that?

Instead of reacting when we don’t agree with what we hear.

You get out of it what you put into it and the “it” is every thought and action that you put out that comes back in fun and different ways and never as you expect. The “it” is the path you and the rest of us lay before you. We can not ignore we live in a shared reality. To do so allows us to have inhuman desires that require inhuman sacrifices of other human beings in order to have them manifest into reality.

The “it” is the sum of life on this planet that we are all a part of creating for each other as well as ourselves. We are great and powerful creators and with great power comes great responsibility to each other for each other.

How many of you really think you have what it takes to be honest enough with yourself to make it through hell?

How many of you really feel dedicated to the enlightened path?

If you think walking the path to the enlightened view is cool or fun, please never speak to me or I will say mean and horrible things to you until you decide to never speak to me again. If you realize you want to do that work because you have a sense of what could be on the other side and you know it will be a bitch an half however fuck it, this feeling crazy as bat shit as it is wont’t go away, hit me up anytime.

To receive is to give and to give is to revive and there is always balance in all things no matter how hard it is fought against.

That’s simply Karmic Law.



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