Predator, Prey and Human Being

We act in inhuman ways towards each other daily without realizing that we treat people as prey and we are the cunning predator.

Our eyes are in front. We are a predatory species. Killing is in our DNA. It’s in our nature to kill.

Vegans can french kiss my ass hole on their stance that they don’t kill to live. Here’s why.

Animism simply stated, every thing is alive and has a soul. Even studies have shown that plants, even the ones we eat, respond to emotional stimuli which means yes they are emotional beings that we kill and eat no different than a cow or pig or chicken.

I love a rare steak or burger and if it’s bloody, all the better. I’m never going to feel bad about that and at the same time if you can’t stand eating meat I don’t care, however don’t go all fuckin’ holier than thou about it making you a better human being and that you no longer kill to live.

End your delusion vegans and grow up.

God made us predators so it totally fails the logic filter if you try to tell me God said we need to be vegetarians or vegans or whatever the new trend is this week.

I made a killing!

I killed them!

I am going to kill it!

None of these are referring to people or animals however are expressions commonly used. Even in our language in life and how we view it, we are killers, every last one of us.

That we don’t run around killing each other is a very good thing and what makes us inferior to the animals is we will kill each other when there is no need to. I meant to use the word inferior. Here’s why.

A superior species lives harmoniously within it’s ecosystem and modifies itself to maintain balance and harmony with its surroundings. Governments have been shutting down research since the 70’s that would’ve already had us off oil completely.

Tesla’s free energy technology was suppressed in the name of greed alone. It means we never needed nuclear energy and could have avoided 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukishima, all nuclear meltdowns that we will not know in our lifetimes what the true damage done is.

We are killers. We are killing our world as long as we allow things such as the internal combustion engine and nuclear energy. We are killing our world as long we continue to ignore using hemp to replace oils based and wood based products with a renewable resource that renews annually.

Marijuana was made illegal so that the logging industry would thrive as well as the emerging pharmaceutical industry. A known cure for cancer suppressed so people could be tortured in the name of greed.

Predator preying on the weak and sick.

The human is a savage and all you have to do to see it is get real honest about the damage we do simply to get through the day and get over it.

Next, do better than we did yesterday or die trying.

If I had to kill my own food, I would live off eggs for protein. I like that someone gets paid to butcher meat and love that I can pay for the blissful ignorance of never meeting my meal. If I did, I know me, it would become a pet and pets are family and we don’t kill our family or so I’m told.

How many times have you thought about doing something you would never actually do?

How many times have you been scared by your own dark side?

How often do you really feel like a savage emotional creature who just happens to be human?

How often do you lie to yourself about it and pray no one ever finds out how savage you can really be?

Romantic love is who you share the savage with because the beasts play well together. It’s driven by primal lust we call seduction and passion but awakens a sexual beast that must be satiated. When you find that with someone, learn to adjust over time as it will be rough at first, however for that kind of lovemaking, definitely worth it.





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