The Art of the Radio DJ

How many of you need to look up the name Wolfman Jack?

If it’s any of you than there is a lost art you have never had in your life. The Radio DJ was the Pastor and the music from the prophets is what they explained to the congregation of listeners to be a translator of the Rock Gods and the messages sent forth through their prophets.

The only 3 Radio DJ’s I will not turn the dial on is Alice Cooper, Nikki Sixx and Dee Snider. Today’ Radio DJ’s don’t know shit about what it means to live Rock ‘N’ Roll. The only other Radio DJ I’ve met worth two shits goes by the name Meat Wad. Read Rock ‘N’ Roll Karma to see why.

Howard Stern, Mark and Brian, Bob and Tom and others killed the Art of the Radio DJ and made it the old radio shows from when radio was born that took in the ratings and cut the people off from the Rock Gods. It became about the DJ not the music. If it’s not about the music the DJ sucks donkey dicks in Tijuana on the weekends for fun in my Rock Shaman opinion.

Anyone who was watching what I posted on Facebook today should have seen this coming from a mile a way.

Former Baptist Preacher turned comedian paid me a visit as a Medium today to remind me of a few lessons he taught that I lived.


Yes I am going to make you look up the Wolfman yourself.

If you have to watch TV try That Metal Show.

I am heading back to Youtube and offensive comedians from my childhood.

You do your thing on a Sunday and this is what a Rock Shaman does.

If the Radio DJ doesn’t know shit about living Rock ‘N’ Roll, that Radio DJ is needs to back to Church.

For me when I go to Church I like it heavy.


Remember kids when all else fails say “Fuck it” to something and do it anyway.

However never fart on the snare drum.

If you need more than some kick ass rock and a movie quote or two, you’re trying too hard.

And here’s a lesson in why.

In closing this service of The Church of Rock ‘N’

This has been message brought to you by The Church of Rock ‘N’

to show why I’m

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman

and you’re whoever you’re pretending to be online.

Remember we’re all blessed, so do us all a favor and act like it.


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