Of the Gods that never were and have always been

A world within but unknown

Making sure you reap as you have sown

Some try to cheat existence

Trying to tip the balance

A secret game being played

Even though it is fully displayed

Guardians walk among you

Who have the over head view

They see every move made

Even the ones not displayed

A secret world exists within but unknown

Those who walk both sides know not what it means to be alone

Always aware 

Of what is always there

The ignorance you have is bliss

Be quite certain of this

The other side has many dangers for sure

For the unknowing adventurer

Drop the veil for a peek

Of that which I speak

Be warned that what you see

Has already been watching thee

Waiting for the moment to show you

What it has seen from its view

The first few are always a fun ride

Just to make you think it’s safe on the other side

The next few trips

Will include some slips

To make you question

The messengers intention

That mystic thing you can’t see

That has always been watching thee

It will always lie 

It will with what it shows your eyes

It will always be true from some view

What is laid out before you

When the Demon sucks you in

It looks like an Angel to begin

Promises of glory

And a really good story

Soon you find

The Demon left you behind

No longer can you see it’s face

Yet you feel the laughter from the forbidden place

The place it led you to

To fuck endlessly with your view

There’s a reason for the lock on the door

It’s so the other side you can ignore

When you walk both worlds you long for that door to someday close

The one you were born with open to you, not one you chose

It’s simply tragic

That we have forgotten the Majick

Of the Gods that never were and have always been

The ones here until it ends that were here to watch it begin

The ones who answer prayers given in no gods name

They answer wishes and wants the same

They are what you resist

That will always persist

The nameless force

That seems to take your life off course and on course

What could it be 

These gods we can not see

Is it Angels and Demons under control

Of God and the Devil each living a role

To keep it all going and in balance

Do they work together by chance

Who keeps them in check for the job they do

Managing existence for me and you

Of the Gods that never were and have always been

The ones here until it ends that were here to watch it begin



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