The War of Art

I found me today

I was right here where I stay

No more reflection

Only a projection

No more mask

For any given task

Only letting go

Only letting it flow

Who knows what path lay ahead

Walking through the walking dead

Swimming in a sea of lies

Time standing still as it flies

It’s called now

That’s how

A moment of frozen motion

Powered by emotion

Truth is beauty

Love is duty

It is the beauty

That drives the duty

In the war of art we have only just begun to fight

You haven’t seen the brightest of our light

You haven’t met the darkest part of us that will always exist

The more you resist the more we persist

It’s our passion that burns our fire bright

It’s our love that will win this fight

You call it marketing and branding because everything needs to sell

I call it the Devil’s tools for creating an earthly hell

Who else would make it a need

To feed the greed

Who else would use your emotions against you to get you to buy in

Who else would convince you not going along is the sin

If not the Devil than who

Would use marketing and branding to get control over you

To convince you that you need that worthless thing

Who else would try to sell you everything

Who would give you tips and guides

On how to make it on the cool kids only ride

Playing on your fear of being alone

Tapping your fear of being totally unknown

Of being forgotten or lost

If you don’t go along with it, well that’s the cost

Got do it their way

If you think you are going to play

Art is an expression of love

That leaps blindly and never needs a shove

Unconditional love is as black as the Pit

It’s why only true artists use every bit of it

Whether it be light or dark

Anything lights our spark

Get’s the juices flowing

Get’s us up and going

On to the next creation with obsessive desire

That is the artists fire

Our flame never dies

Our art never lies

We don’t create to sell

We don’t live in that hell

It’s the heavenly view we see

Where we are already free

Free to be you and me

Free from conformity

It’s the artist war to fight

All of the day and all of the night

Art has already won

The lies falling apart and coming undone

This what the artist calls fun as they rage on

It’s what their art is built upon

A rage fueled by loves fire

Not some selfish desire

The artist is done reflecting

Now it’s time for some projecting


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