Mr. Mom, I lived it

It is becoming more common place to see stay at home husbands. I was one for the majority of my last marriage. I stayed home and took care of the house and everyone in it and did every thing you would picture a house wife doing only as a man.

I was talking with a friend of mine about the topic last night and as we were joking back and forth about it I said this “I’m just trying to find a woman who will sweep me off my feet and buy me a nice house and take care of me.”

To any woman who says things such as and similar to this, yes this is what you sound like.

I will be honest my favorite job of all time was being Mr. Mom. I liked getting up and making everyone breakfast. I liked kicking them out of the house for the day and having it to myself. I liked waiting on everyone hand and foot when they got home. I did a great impression of Donna Reed minus the dress, I don’t have the legs for it.

There is this idea out there that men have no clue what it takes to raise kids or run a household.

There is this idea that men are stupid and without a woman couldn’t find their ass with both hands a flashlight and a road map.

There is this idea a woman is never wrong and if she is she has every right to fuck your world up for pointing it out.

Does anyone realize in psychological terms this is called a narcissistic rage episode?

I had a woman for the marriage counselor with my 2nd wife and it was the counselor who pointed out to my 2nd wife I was right and she was wrong and her response was to divorce me.

What about this if anything sounds like rational behavior?

Men are pigs and part of the problem I have around other men is the way they talk about women. I don’t want to hear about the sex you have with your wife or girlfriend because I am trying really hard to not see her like that.

Guys when you do this, you are inviting your buddies to fantasize about your wife or girlfriend.

Also if you are going to respect women and mean it guys, that means you don’t call them bitches behind their backs and you don’t talk with your biddies about how hot she is and how much you wanna get up in it and what you wanna do to it.

That’s a living breathing feeling human being you fuckin’ dolts!

Knock it off.

Ladies I know you are no better as I have overheard some things that should make women look at themselves and  never give men shit again for the shit they talk.

Is there a point to any of this?

No, it’s pointless Wednesday didn’t you get the memo?

I am off to do something totally me, you go do something totally you.


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