A Shaman’s view on the Enlightened View

So many ask for the veil to be dropped before their eyes and then can’t handle what they see. Here’s why.

Do no harm.

A Wiccan concept that takes the mind of a child to embrace. Here’s why.

You’re reading this on a computer or a smart phone or a tablet. Do a search on Google and see if you can find some images of what they have to do to the Earth to make the device you’re reading this on. If you’re Wiccan the images showing the harm done to our Mother should sicken you and show the hypocrisy you live. Then look at the damage your car does to Mother Earth.

Grow up and accept harm gets done in life and that is evil to live.

If you never take anything personally you never take a compliment either.

There are times I take a moment to say “Don’t take this personally, however this is how I see it based on…”

If you never take a moment to see if you should take it personally you never give yourself the chance to see you through their eyes and feel what you inspire. That’s not always going to be a warm glowing fuzzy feeling. Here’s why.

We’re human.

Nothing disturbs me more that people who set inhuman expectations for humanity to live up to. It’s why I often correct my peers with no apology.

“With great power comes great responsibility”


To put yourself in a place to give guidance to others is to wield the power of influence in their lives.

“Good men have the fewest fears. He has but one great fear who fears to do wrong; he has a thousand who has overcome it.”

Christian Nestell Bovee

I live this quote with every bit of guidance I let pass through my lips. To date I have never steered anyone wrong and at the same time I have a collection of horror stories of those who ignored my guidance.

It’s a gift and a curse to be a seer of truth. It’s a gift when they listen and you get to see them grow and flourish and curse when they don’t and they suffer greater than they did when you found them.

I work at humility daily.

I work at finding new and different ways of making the complex simple enough to explain to my son.

How many other parents face that same challenge?

I work to give guidance as a mode of life. There is not a breath I take that I am not busy working to make sure any guidance I give, I live.

I have 3 doors of my own I let things pass through.

What happens if I say nothing?

How much longer will it take for them to figure it out if I say nothing?

Why me right here right now?

I am a Shaman. Part of the gig is to have this uncanny ability to happen to be right and figure that out on your own before ever speaking.

If one is to ever be one others seek for guidance, one knows how personal every word should be unless otherwise stated.

If one is to ever trust their own guidance one must be personal with one and takes one’s own guidance personally.

If one is to ever make use of guidance sought, it must be taken personally to produce growth.

Taking ownership of ones words is ones responsibility to the shared reality.

You build personal connections by being personal and by being open to receiving personal compliment and critique alike.

One has the responsibility to oneself to correct the mistake others make in connection attempts with one in the personal things they offer from their view.

One has the responsibility to accept it when one has made a mistake noticed by another or one never grows and finds connection difficult at best.

One sees both the reflection and the projection before them and reflects and projects accordingly with our intent to connect or one will only ever be the mirror or one will only ever see mirrors.

If one is to take an enlightened view, one must see we are all connected already. An enlightened one doesn’t build a connection they reveal the one that is already there and why it exists.

An enlightened one seeks the truth in all things and to simply be the expression of the truth they find through the way they live.

An enlightened one understands the intent behind the personal statement and accepts or rejects as it applies to one and the other. To see oneself better at times we must allow ourselves to be seen by others to make sure we are clear in who we think are.

To ignore the personal statement of an enlightened one is to ignore the truth of your own projection in the moment. It is to ignore the possibility of growth even exists in the moment for one.

Enlightenment is not a destination or a way point on the journey, it is a view that allows every moment of the journey to be filled with infinite possibilities for growth. It is a view that allows one to understand the infinite possibilities of expression and understands the impact of the expression on the sum. The enlighten view doesn’t make you a better person, it makes you more honest and reveals the impact of your every word and action.

The enlightened view doesn’t make you happy. It shows you the ugly truth of the world around you and why it exists the way it does.

The enlightened one is never quick to follow and always quick to lead you away from following them.

The enlightened ones are the ones you usually fight the hardest against. Here’s why.

They never try to sell it to you unless it is to teach to be wary of those selling enlightenment or a path to it.

Before you comment ask yourself 4 questions.

What happens if I say nothing?

Is there something he missed or did I miss something?

Why me here now and like this?

Do I make a statement or ask a question and why?


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