The Shamanic view of the individual


Conformity is death. Here’s why.

Conformity kills the idea of the individual.

Conformity kills creativity.

Conformity kills growth.

The gift of free will is the gift to be an individual or why would we look different. It’s in our design to be similar but different.

It’s in the differences we learn to accept each other for who we are and in the similarities is where we find security to breed that acceptance of the differences and to foster understanding and growth.

It might surprise some of you that I felt more freedom to be the individual I am while in the US Air Force than I have in civilian life over the last 2+ decades. While we all dressed the same it was who we were as individuals that gave us the power to standout.

As Shamanic life coach I teach my clients to embrace the individual they are. I assist them in seeing that they are perfectly flawed in their flawless imperfection. I teach people to own their lives and how to create better for themselves by simply being who they are regardless who that is.

Most of the emotional damage we take on over the course of our lives has to do with non compliance of someone else’s desire for us to conform to their idea of who they think we are.

“If only I had just gone along…..”

“If only I was less me….”

The tortured self talk of the individual who resists conformity.

“It’s not easy being me, but it’s worth every moment.”

“Being me closes every door I never wanted to walk through and opens every door I ever wanted to walk through.”

There are 3 open doors before you and you get a sneak peak of what it would take to live on the other side of the door.

What changes would it require I make in order to live in that world?

I often ask that question when a door of opportunity pops up. I change my projection a little  and I see what reflects back at me. If I don’t like what I’m seeing, I’m out.

I have found in the past that when I stuck with the changes that made me hate my own reflection that it was self loathing that was going on and I was spraying it everywhere else to lie to myself. For me to be anything less than me it does create self loathing. This is common for the condition known as being human. The anger was mine for myself for not being myself.

We get mad at the other kids for not being nice, when in reality we just need to find other kids to play with.

I’ve always said “If you can’t hang with me being me, kindly fuck off.” Here’s why.

I’m saving both of us a lot of time and energy wasted on debate trying to get each other to conform. Go be you and be OK with who that is and I’m going to keep on being OK with who I am. I don’t need everyone to like me. I need the ones who like me for me and my nonconformity.

I rarely ever have trouble having the right reflections in life pop up as needed simply in being me. When I am not true to myself the living mirrors I encounter reflect it well and the encounters often become battles of will and endless debate.

When I am true to me there’s less debate and more exploration and growth.

Be you and if they can’t hang, fuck it.


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