Why not go this way?

I was born long ago
I am the chosen I’m the one
I have come to save the day
And I won’t leave until I’m done
So that’s why you’ve got to try
You got to breath and have some fun
Though I’m not paid I play this game
And I won’t stop until I’m done

The spirit within crying out from within.

The spirit that connects us all has been there since the beginning and lives through us all.

Everybody trying to teach you anything about the never ending quest to being the best you that you can be will tell you to breathe. Letting go of your body and allowing it to control your breathing can set you in a relaxed state really fast.

Fun usually involves laughter which we have all heard for a long ass time is the best medicine. Life is not a job and you are not going to get paid for being you alone. We play the game to have a life to show off when we are not doing what we do to afford our life.

None us ever stops until we hit the final dirt nap.

I don’t know why we always cry
This we must leave and get undone
We must engage and rearrange
And turn this planet back to one
So tell me why we got to die
And kill each other one by one
We’ve got to love and rub-a-dub
We’ve got to dance and be in love

Look at your life and what you have in it.

Look for the things in your life that make you happy.

What is it again you have to cry about?

Sure you can come up with a list if you want and it will all be valid.

So what?

You have to build your recovery from within.

You have to find the strength from within to overcome.

You must let go of the past and the ideas that anything is holding you back before you can propel forward.

The best way to learn more is engage with real people in discussion about real things if we are every going to fix the issues and make it better for the sum.

I’m a pacifist. It does not mean I don’t know how to defend myself if needed, it means I choose to find every other option first and let my own skills only come forth when everything else has failed.

Dancing is the best soul and body in one nourishing exercise there is. It allows the mind to let go of the body and let the music move you.

But what I really want to know is
Are you gonna go my way ?

Something no one can deny is that we all know better than we often behave and it won’t get any better until we find the way through peace and love and understanding and stop the violence.


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