I wander but I am not lost

Wandered the dark
Made it my home

Kick back the lights to their home
That wander in lost and alone

Went to the light
For the first time experienced fright

Decided to walk the silver line
Keep things from crossing from time to time

Found my way to the forest
I needed the rest

Time off from the endless war
That for me is such a bore

I wander through the trees
Looking for others like me

‘Tis the masters that I seek
Those who know how to be meek

With this forest as my home
Never am I alone

There is life at every turn
From the birds to the fern

I came here in despair
Unable to find any like me out there

I come to the edge from time to time
To look for another coming down the silver line

Come now and take your rest
Prepare we do for the final test

To go back from whence we came
To help them all become the same


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