You and The Big U

Understanding through deconstruction

I use the term The Big U for the connection to God, The Universe or whatever helps you sleep better at night. Here’s why.

Mind = Flesh

Soul = What powers the flesh.

Spirit = The higher self connection to God, The Universal Consciousness, whatever helps you sleep better at night.

Now if we get a little more detailed and stay in the base view that is Psychospirilosophy I think we might be able to explain this in a way that will clear it up for some of you that made it abundantly clear to me how simple life is.

Mind and soul are the small you.

Your Higher self is the Big U.

I pray to the I am that I am to provide for my life. 

I am asking my higher self to let Gods will move through me to fulfill the desires I have.

I ask The Big U to drop whatever you need to heal your soul in your lap. 

I am asking your higher self to help you out on your behalf because I see the need for the healing only you can do for you and you are not connecting for some reason to the guidance within.

Can someone please explain to me why we need religion in any form?

I remembered my Gandhi last night.

God has no religion. 

It’s as Lynyrd Skynyrd put it.

All you need is in your soul. 

Within your soul is the connection to God you will never find out here. Within you is the power to save yourself by allowing yourself to be guided from within to those with similar view and values that will support you in your being.

The Big U guides the little you from within you if you know how to listen.

If not call a Shaman, it’s what we do, we teach you how to listen to yourself.


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