The adventure is waiting for you to say WTF?

If can’t say it, you can’t do it.

I have often said that I can explain my life this way “I had an idea and said Fuck it why not?”

It was inspired by this film that I saw when I was a teenager.

Go back and listen to that dialog again.

Joel, every now and then, saying “What the Fuck”, brings freedom. Freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future.

If the language keeps you from seeing the wisdom of the words then shame on you for limiting yourself in such ways.

Life is the limitless adventure we allow it to be. We are the limitless adventurers we allow ourselves to be. To be limitless was an idea I studied at age 9 from one master named Bruce Lee.

Where the student learned the lesson that the master forgot to teach is that at times limits are a very good thing and the student taught himself to limit himself based on the life the student desired. Here’s why.

Think about the idea of decisions and consequences. Change the word consequences to experiences.

Decisions lead to to experiences that teach us to make the same decisions for the things we like repeating and make different ones for the ones we don’t.

When we let go of the idea of who we are and allow ourselves to be limitless in the moment there are infinite possibilities that are always around us for our choosing. You can get lost in the idea of choosing a direction to go. You can become catatonic in the place in between exploring the expanse that is the endless possibilities of your own life.

What are the experiences you truly want to have and what are willing to do to have those experiences?

That one question will tell you more about yourself as you discover what your true desires are for the experiences you truly desire to live in your life. It tells you which path to follow to simply be who you are and the rest falls into place. Only you can decide what experience you want to have and then you have work to make it happen.

The Big U will conspire to find the reflections of your desire that give you the conflict needed to make it interesting and require growth to move on to the next learning experience.

I give you more than most Shamans would for purpose. I wish someone had made it easier on me. So I am fulfilling my wish never granted to all those who find the same desire for someone to just level with them and tell them WTF is going on.

I understand how a lot of people will receive this and how they will feel about what I am talking about.

Fuck it, I am doing it anyway.

My other favorite piece of self advice that I find is the hallmark of courage when the idea of fear would stop one from doing anything one desires.

We all have limits and for good reason, set yours wisely from the infinite in between where all can seen. When you find it you’ll know and do yourself a favor and think about what it actually takes to live the life you would choose because those are the limits and the prison of identity you give yourself in order to live.

Or to say as you create who you are The Big U responds accordingly. Think about the cost for things to come into existence.

Think about the experiences one would need to have to fulfill your desire for that one teacher or that one love. Think about the life that would need to be had to become the perfect reflection of your hearts truest desire and you will find out how to love yourself.

What is it you really want?

Are willing to say what the fuck to get it?

Fuck it, why not?


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