They say “The Devil is in the details”

Here’s why that is a true statement.

If knowledge is power than wisdom is understanding.

That’s an original Max J. Carter quote.

I have been using that for several years after spending more than 15 with the riddle if knowledge is power than what is wisdom?

I posed this riddle to many over those 15 years as I also spent time in inner refection with it myself.

Wisdom understands which knowledge is the false details of complexity that is The Devil’s tool to keep you from the simplicity of understanding.

They have done research studies to back up what I’m about to say.

If you feel the need to argue, ask yourself why and act accordingly.

Intelligent people do not do well in school.

It takes a lower level intellect to memorize for a test later. The science has come back on this. It is a fact and not an opinion.

The higher the level of intellect the greater the desire to use what is presented as a jumping off point. The higher the intellect the greater the desire for simplicity.

It takes a simple mind to make something complex so that it can feel good about itself in showing off.

It takes a complex mind to make it as simple as possible so that more can be stored.

When you allow yourself to get bogged down in the details of knowledge you give up memory space. You fill your hard drive with knowledge that could have been better saved for future understanding.

The search for knowledge alone is a fools quest as it limits the true power of the mind for creative exploration and expression.

To seek understanding is to seek wisdom and allows you to apply what knowledge is truly needed and simplify concepts to simple understandings. It is allowing for the mysterious ways of God and the beautiful bliss of ignorance. The more you learn the more you understand how evil it is to live.

I have a gift of sight that removes the beautiful ignorant bliss life can be. There is a bliss that can be found within and it’s not easy to find. One must remove all ignorance to embrace the beauty of the truth.

God is love and we are made manifest of that love to be that love in various forms we call individuality.

The Devil is in every detail that removes that understanding from our minds.

For The Devil there is no greater joy to steal than that of inner exploration and self realization of what lives within each and every one of us.

God is that feeling that comes from within when everything feels right.

The Devil is in the outer details that tell you why you should ignore that feeling.

A simple understanding that you either have the experience to understand or you are going to see what some book says to explain it further or let it settle in and let go for a while and see what bubbles up on the topic.

The choice is always yours to seek within to find understanding or to seek out here and be tempted by every Devilish detail.

Have fun with whatever you choose, I’m enjoying my choices.


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