Skulls and Roses

Pick your death and live accordingly

The Skull and the Rose

Is the reason for this prose

One for Death’s mask

One for Life’s task

If you look behind mask

You find the task

It’s not to come and claim you at the end

That is the task of my friend

Life has to wear a scary mask

On occasion for a given task

To scare you

Into a different view

That leads to making a choice

A different way to use your voice

To bring into your flower

Something of true power

In Life’s task

Life dawns Death’s mask

The skull to scare you of the end

The rose to remind you embrace the beauty around you my friend

In each of us is a flower

A Soul Flower

It can bloom in infinite ways

Depending on what you feed it throughout the days

When we get hurt its true

We can grow thorns that prick you

The Skull and the Rose

Often inspire prose

How much have you read

Out of fear of becoming dead

What you feed you mind

Comes through the bloom in time

Feed it with the beauty of life and love

And give Death’s mask a shove

See what lie within

It is Life there with a grin

I say fear the Reaper never more

Let him come knock at the door

A teacher and a guide

No matter the ride

Something we all have in common

Even if you’re a Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman

Though it’s true when loved ones get that final healing

It can leave us reeling

Just remember this

They now live in sweet bliss

Touch the bliss with in you

To see it from their view

It will dry the tears

And chase away the fears

You will see

The endless beauty

Life and Death the endless dance

Life and Death the endless romance

The Skull and the Rose

Might not be the only reason for this rose


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