Skulls and Roses: Why I became The Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman

Skulls And Roses

I had engaged in an exercise on a social media website known as The exercise was to connect to your earliest memory and write about it fro the rest to read. For me I had already taken myself on this guided tour of understanding why I am who I am. With new eyes I looked back for the the memory that still is making impact in my life right now.

Why did I decide to use the name The Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman?

It actually has nothing to do with marketing and branding and everything to do with the film EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS.

A song needs words and music.

I first saw this film when I was 9 years old and never again did I listen to music without hearing the lyrics.  There’s a lost of stuff that is good music however the song is horrible for self programming. The lyrics you sing along with are the words you use to define yourself every bit as much as yourself talk.

A song is story telling.

Music is the language of the soul that speaks in emotion.

When you add words you define the part for your soul you are baring for all to feel. The best music comes from the soul and the best songs are the ones where we connect with their soul in the story they sing.

It’s one way of saying I don’t just write this shit, I live it.

I love to music as my main source of spiritual guidance because of the endless number of prophets and scriptures to choose from that will always have finding what you need to hear right now be an exploration of soul connection.

A Shaman is a soul healer and nothing nourishes the soul better than a good song.

I always say The Church of Rock ‘N’ Roll is everywhere you can hear the music that connects to your soul.


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