The Law of Reflection and The Cinematic View

I wanted to get deeper into what I call The Cinematic View.

There are many rock bands that will tell you they’ve lived their THIS IS SPINAL TAP moments. For those who don’t know, the film is a fake documentary about a fake rock band on tour. Life imitates art and art imitates life.

Could it be that life and art are one in the same?

Could it be that you and I are living performance art pieces?

Could it be that there is an unseen audience watching the show we put on?

Think about how your memory leaves out huge chunks of what would be the boring stuff in life. Yet the exciting highlights and things that are character defining moments are forever caught in the highlight real that is the film of your life.

Movies and TV shows only give the highlights of the characters’ lives and often only one short piece of it at that. They leave out all the mundane day to day to stuff that the characters are normally dealing with. You know the boring hum drum routine that so many of us find ourselves in. It can have you feeling as though your life is the film GROUNDHOG’S DAY, living the same day over and over with little to no change.

The Cinematic View simply stated was beautifully illustrated by this film. To change the story, make changes in your character. It was not until the main character had made a real authentic change in himself that he was able to progress his story.

No one wants to sit around and watch me write this stuff and I don’t blame them, I am on this side and it’s the only reason I enjoy it.

How much of your life would be boring as hell to watch?

Be honest, it would be a huge chunk for most people to most people.

We thrive on dialog and action. The conversations we have and who we have them with are character refining moments. I say refining instead of defining with intent. We always have the power to change our character.

The film of life sees each of us as the star of our movie, however when we join together our role can sometimes change and it’s in these role changes that define who we are in the moment. There is no script for life and we can’t feed the lines we want to hear to the other players on the stage. The story creates itself in the moment as each speaks and the reactions and responses come forth.

Let’s say you want to be me. First I would say you have chosen the fools road to wisdom. Here’s why.

I used to tell people that the trick to being me was to talk mad shit and then try to live it. Here’s why that is a bad idea. Ever spend too much time dealing with mad shit.

I created a character that forever had a chip on his shoulder looking for anything to challenge for the sake of challenging it. I did say the fool’s road to wisdom.

I now say to live well, speak well.

Before you can learn why I changed myself you might need some of the same foolish experiences to gain the wisdom to understand why you are making certain changes in yourself.

To change your story, you have to change your character and yourself talk is how you refine who you think you are. It’s how you refine your projection to be able to better handle it being reflected back at you.

The faces on the mirrors may change as you do and that’s OK, sometimes you need new characters in order to have a new story to live.

What is it you desire most in life to do every day?

That’s the cornerstone of your character. That’s the reason for your character to even exist and have a story to tell. After you figure that out, The Big U has a way of dropping everything you need into your life to live that character to its fullest and live story worthy of remembering and sharing with others.

Who will tell the story of you?

They all will.

You leave a story of you with everyone you meet.


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