It days gone by

The Shaman has yet to die

A figure that endures the test of time

Sometimes a gift passed down family lines

Walker of both worlds and a healing guide

Never really taking a side

When you walk with the spirits and can see their plan

You understand why a Shaman would choose to take a stand

So much of the other side is there to tempt you

To lead you away from the inner view

To seduce into thinking there are ways to cheat and jump ahead

Ways that too often leave you dead

Dead inside because you gave it all away

To that you thought would save the day

Only you can do you the favor

Of being your own savior

If you make the choice that leads to self destruction

That’s avoiding the inner instruction

All the Shaman can do is plant the seed in one

The work to make it grow is your deed to be done

If you need a guide to figure out an issue

A Shaman can help you adjust your view

The soul is what a Shaman helps you heal

Your inner knowing a Shaman helps you reveal

A teacher and guide

No matter the ride

Using metaphor

Sometimes myth and lore

A story teller whose stories have a point

Though they might be shared over a joint

When the student is ready the teacher will appear

And when the teacher arrives often the student fills with fear

Not knowing what lessons are left

Knowing it will always be a test

It’s always better to ask questions than to argue

It’s the only way to understand another view

Learn as you go

You will always grow

Fight the mirror in front of you

Be bound by your chosen view

Only you can set you free

It’s how you live that turns the key

Walking what you have spoken

Even if you thought you were only jokin’




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