Yeah, but what do YOU think


I’ve spent my life in the endless discussion that is the question “Why are we here and what in the blue holy hell can we really do about it?”

I always find I enjoy finding new discussion partners who can keep it on topic and can avoid taking it or making it a personal thing. The one thing I can’t tolerate however is when someone refuses to share their thoughts and instead only spits up what they have been fed and never take the time to think and really understand it from their own unique perspective.

The ability to express yourself as yourself is the foundation of creativity. To dive within you and use your view to narrow it down to the simplest understanding you need to you get the majickal and ever elusive “it” is the gift of individuality and identity. It’s the refinement of who you think you are that is the ego expression of self also known as your identity.

That’s owning your free will and understanding the power you wield. It is the way you create your image prison that is the things you say you will and won’t do and the behavior you will and will not tolerate. Without that cage to protect you there is nothing in place to ever reject anything for any reason and you would get yourself killed real fast.

Using the Psychospirilosophy view let’s dive a little deeper shall we.

Remember all Psychospirilosophy says is that you should have a psychological understanding of why you do what you do and that you should have something spiritual in your life, whatever it is and our personal philosophies in life is the talk we say we are walking. It’s a view and a tool.

Why would you regurgitate instead of offering your own real thoughts in a discussion?


“What if I’m wrong?”

Than you have given yourself the opportunity to learn and grow. That’s a gift that never stops giving when you really seek to understand it from within instead of playing it shallow.

“They said it better than I could.”

That is negative self talk that diminishes the light you can be. This is also a fear that is used to feed off ignorance and steal your power and your light.

To be ignorant only means you have yet to understand something from within. You have yet to have the experience to unlock the inner knowing.

We are all ignorant of a list of things.

There is no shame in ignorance.

Shame can only be found in pride. If we are too proud to claim our ignorance we live in the shame of never learning or growing.

When you take the time to discover your own unique way of seeing things you empower yourself and those around you. The example you set silently gives them permission figure out what their way of seeing it is. It allows them the opportunity to see they can refine their own ideas and still keep their individual view.

When we choose to use the words of another, we forsake our own gift of individual understanding.

We give our power to think for ourselves to someone else.

We give our ability to be a bright shining light to anyone who will take the stage in our place.


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