How loud is the love in your life

The band who wrote this song might use the name Placebo, however I guarantee you can find a true cure for what ails you in the lyrics of this one.

Love on an atom, love on a cloud
To see the birth of all that isn’t now
Can you imagine a love that is so proud?
It never has to question why or how
Total abandon the love in my dreams
When I wake up I’m soaking in my sheets

From the fabric of existence in the smallest part of us to the outer rim of existence one thing binds it all together, love.

Take a step within yourself and look for the core of who you are and find the birth of who you are ever becoming and find the true being of love you wish you could be. That bright shining star that makes no excuses and laughs at fear and dives head first when you feel that drive from within.

Be who you wish you could be.

That takes a profound acceptance of just how amazing each of us can be when we get out of our own way and make it about giving the love not searching for it. A love so proud it walks in and spreads itself around any and every where it goes.

You bring that kind of love from within and the fire that burns never ends. It will fill your dreams with wondrous sights and when the flame burns that hot you can’t help but to sweat from your own heat.

When you live that kind of love and you meet a reflection of your projection that matches it in every way, dive away into the love found and know its a shared heart and two souls that can start to build a connection of a unified projection. A we that is a little of each and a sum of both. However before you can unite with another and have it be a flow of ease, one must unify one within.

That is the proud love of self love that is born of all that isn’t now.

Now is the expression of that love as it has grown from within.

Now is never ending and ever changing.

It’s a flow of life and a flow of love that always leaps with out a shove. It sees and feels where it is needed and moves one into word and action from within. Not caring why or how, simply flowing and growing and letting the flow determine the nature of the show.

The show is life’s theater and we are all stars on the stage.

For all of our youth
We have craved them
Their beauty and their truth

So we name them
And somehow they pull us through
We have craved them
For all of our youth

The reflections of ourselves we find ourselves in love with over the course of life each have a beauty and truth that reveals who we were back then that leaves us ever craving to be that person again. The face will always change but the love is always the same.

It’s the ones that brought out our best and put us tho the test to really be it from within. The only way to have it now is to let go of days and love gone by and embrace who you are on your own.

To see you can be that person with or without the love you think you need.

Once you do that and you find another who seems to make it less work and more fun to be that human being and you find you speak each others minds, that is the partner in life you find while you’re busy doing something else.

When that love connects it can be loud beyond loud.

We are loud like love


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