Connected by a thread

Connected by a thread

Alive or dead

Found in every form that can be taken

Eternally dancing and making

In a flow

That just says go

And it runs on its own

From what we have sown

Letting it unfold

Though it has been foretold

Not even a day in advance

Before the beginning of this dance

A conversation with no ending

Neither one ever pretending

The night I had is still going

Though I am finally slowing

I haven’t slept at all

However I am beginning to stall

Connected by a thread

No matter where each lay their head

It just flows

As it goes

It brings forth my light

Be it day or night

When I looked at the stars last night

Poetry spewed forth about the dark and the light

As I watched the sunrise

It was with new eyes

Seeing every bit of beauty to be found

As I took a drive all around

I know where home is now

I leave it to the Big U on the how

Follow the signs

As we move through time

Being who we are 

Shining bright from the inner star

Two lights will collide

And it will be a sweet ride

Connected by a thread and not by chance

Always meant to do this dance

Now that I have seen day turn to night

And night to day before my waking sight

I go off to find the sweetest dreams you wished for me

I hope you found them for thee



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