Violence begets violence

It’s been a rough day for a lot of people who are grieving lost ones.

Yet another round of senseless killing in France and what is it that drives all this death and destruction?


I always say forget the hate and heal the pain.

The hate comes from pain and suffering.

When we live in suffering the only thing that can make the pain stop at times is anger and rage. It gets used to spread that pain and suffering around as it did in Nice France.

It has been happening around the world a lot more frequently. We have had it happen in Turkey and other places around the world.



The thing we never look at in violent crimes is the total history of what led to the event.  We fail to look at all the details that create the desire within one to strike out in rage and take life.

The one thing that none of us wants to admit is that any of us are capable of committing acts of atrocity. The one thing we want to turn a blind eye to is looking deep into the issue to find the source of pain that blurs the lines and brings the rage that only knows how to do one thing, destroy.

Days like today will have many calling for blood and laying blame so vengeance can be taken.

Violence begetting violence.

At some point we have to break the cycle or we will destroy ourselves.

How do we do it?

The bottom line is that we have to set aside the idea of countries and race and embrace the truth of one human race and act accordingly.

In steps what that looks like is forgiveness through understanding.

It’s the last thing any who lost someone wants to hear. I understand why.

I would ask of all to not only send the healing love and prayers to those who lost people in France but to also put the intent into sending that healing energy to every man woman and child on the planet.

I would ask all of you to stop asking for more violence.

I’m a veteran.

I’m a warrior.

What a warrior desires above all else is peace.

I look at my update feed on all my social media outlets and the thing that disgusts me most of all is those who ask for violence to be carried out.

Violence begets violence until we say “No more.”

No longer will we let violence beget violence.

No more will we cry out for vengeance.

No more we will ignore the pain that brings the violence.

No more violence.

Dive within to your very core to find the love that is there to send to all those in need.

I am.

If you don’t agree with me, please tell me why.





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