Empath: This our being in being

I feel your pain
Without even knowing your name

What you thought you were hiding
Is now within me residing.

I take it as my own
So you will not feel alone

My gift is my curse
That I describe with this verse

As each day passes
I reach out and feel the masses

When I go out alone
I get buried under things unshown

It’s hard not to let in
All these things you hide within

I may not know you
But I’ll always feel you

I don’t try to shield
I simply yield

I take it for a while
So I can see you smile

You never have to ask
My being is this task

I’ve done it my entire life
Holding everybody’s strife

I ask for nothing in return
But I do yearn

To have one by my side
To help me take it all in stride

I’m a teacher and a guide
In the war I no longer reside

Teaching others to inspire
To reach from need and not desire

Guiding others to a new path
One absent of destructive wrath

From my hearts bottomless well
Comes the infinite healing swell

My love for all is never ending
In this I am never pretending

I am Empath born with a gift
I am Empath we heal the rift

The one between the heart and the mind
Your true self I help you find

Come to me without fear
So you can see things clear

Share your pain with me
As you do we are a we

Two souls synched as one
Have no fear it can be undone

I can read your soul
I can help you be whole

I know you behind the mask
This is this beings task

To see passed your life
To see what is under the strife

What you thought was lost
I can give back at no cost

Just come and take my hand
Together let us stand

Take my strength as yours
Let me heal those soul sores

There may be scars left behind
They are there to remind

Things you should not do
Now that I have restored you

When you find your way to me
It’s your soul I always see

I feel you at any distance
I have since first glance

This is my gift
It acts quite swift

I do it because I care
It’s my gift to share

Refuse it don’t you dare
Don’t let it give you a scare

If you run from me
I will not chase thee

I will let you be
As you walk away from me

It breaks my heart every time
They turn and leave me behind

It’s a gift and a curse
Some days are better and some worse

Depends on what you think you are hiding
That now is within me residing


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