In a glance

In a glance

Knowing it’s not random chance

In the the longer look

Seeing the beginning of a new chapter in life’s book

What will be written as the flow goes on

Remains hidden and can feel more like a song

A gentle rhythm and words so sweet

It moves through you and puts you on your feet

As the confusion sets in

It’s time for the dance to begin

Let yourself go

Let the music of life flow

Feel the love from head to toe

Feel yourself lost in the flow

Don’t stop to think

That’s how you sink

As you go through your day

Let the music of inner love move you on your way

As the story unfolds in words and actions

Refining projections during inner reflections

It causes a ripple felt far and wide

What you bring from the inside

To connect in the moment shared

Even if you might be a little scared

To let down your guard

Sometimes can be hard

However it is  must

If anything is to ever be built on trust

If a story worth sharing is be written

Fear must be shed and forgotten

Let go

Let it flow

Trust your inner voice

To guide you through every choice

And the chapter fills itself in

With tales of glory and sin

The journey with no true end

Simply a transformation for another chapter to begin

In this new chapter my life writes

I look forward to taking in the sights

Losing myself in the musical flow

Knowing none of it is a show

It’s a tell

The result of life’s spell

Woven with words an emotion

Carrying me across the ocean

The sea of souls fed by rivers of streams

Ever moving with hopes and dreams

It’s never random chance

That I stop and take a glance

In the depth of my view

I found me in you





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