The eternal connection of infinite reflection

These eyes of mine

See the other side of the line

Into the dark places we wish we could forget

The things we may still regret

They see the fullness of the light

That you are for others sight

They see you perfectly flawed

It’s your imperfections that leaves me in awe

Sometimes that’s impressive

Sometimes it’s depressive

Does it bring a smile when you show your ass

Does it bring out wrath

Whether it be silly ass or smart ass

Dumb ass, jack ass or wise ass

Some asses get smacked and others kissed

It all depends on what was hit and who got missed

When I see the show

That comes from the inner glow

It’s pleasure to stand back and see

What these eyes of mine find before me

When it comes from the core

Are the shows that make me want more, more, more

I see behind the mask 

Of your given task

When you bring it true

I see me in you

Seeing the soul within

That is where we all begin

The eternal connection

Of infinite reflection


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