The Endless Dance of Life and Death

There is an endless dance

It has nothing to do with romance

It’s beat starts in the heart

The beginning of all living art

The birth of the inner fire

That is desire

Desire to touch and hold

Desire to break every mold

Desire to be

Desire to see

Desire to hear and be heard

Desire to stand out from the herd

Desire to live 

Desire to give

Desire that creates the life that has us afraid

Of the day it’s in the ground we are laid

The music of all life around

Regardless of the nature of the sound

Ever wonder why

How will I die

Does knowing it will some day end

Add value to the time as you spend

The finite numbers of days that is your life

Or does it cause you strife

Life and Death are two sides of the same coin it is true

One can not exist without the other no matter your chosen view

I say pick your death and live accordingly

And Death can be quite the guide acting quite supportingly

Death is nothing more than a transformation

To something that is quite beyond imagination

Life as we know it just another form

To ride the emotional love storm

That is the endless dance

That sometimes involves romance

Otherwise what’s the point

Of taking on flesh and living down here in this joint

Enjoy the dance

Treasure each romance

Live to die some day

It’s going to happen anyway

Pick your Death and let that choice guide your turns

As your guided to what makes your soul burn

Come alive from inside

To make it a kick ass ride

Giving yourself quite the highlight reel in the rear view

When you got the time to hang out with you

I am off to dance to the music I live

It’s my gift to me to give

Find your flow

And dancing through life you will go




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