Remembering how to feel: Dealing with being an Empath

The biggest disconnect happens when it is difficult at best for a non Empath to understand what an Empath is, much less find a way to relate. It is what it is.

An Empath will take on the emotions associated with PTSD from someone who is repressing or suppressing those feelings. When I say take on the emotions, that means the Empath is left within themselves to connect to memories of their own as to why they feel the way they do now that they are feeling what you were and now are not.

Over time the techniques an Empath can use to shield themselves stop working. I have found the only true defense that an Empath has is pure apathy or pure logic absent of any emotion.

For the Empath anything else and the emotions of all around us will have some influence in how we feel in any social engagement. Think of it in simplest terms of having a sexual partner who will always go with whatever your thing is. They key in on what takes you there and ride the wave with you.

For the Empath this is not always a fun ride depending on what takes some people there. It usually also means any traumatic sexual issues from the past are going to be felt, not known, felt by the Empath you share your body with.

For those who are also Telepathic, they get the addition of seeing it and reliving it as if was them. They get a mind’s eye view of the moment and the feeling attached to it.

It’s why Empaths are social creatures, however will be very selective about who they allow in their space.

It is possible for an Empath to overload and take on too much and have their own emotions shut down. If an Empath finds themselves in a location where they cannot escape those with unresolved issues the logic zone or peace becomes the natural state as they are constantly surrounded by emotions they do not wish to take on.

It can make refining ones idea of self interesting as identity is emotional attachments or the things we truly care about. The things that make us say I, me or my. The things that bring us to life and remind us we are still alive and we still have our own emotional core.

Being an Empath is a different kind of life. Not a better or worse one, it’s different. It’s a different way to experience life with full depth of feeling and understanding. It’s a life that leads to many answers that come in the form of questions. Endless discovery. Endless beauty even though at times the suffering of others becomes our problem to deal with simply because we showed up.

We may only be 10% or so of the population, however that still means there are over 700 million of us on the planet and more being born every day. It’s part of our genetic evolution as a species.


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