Independent in thought, Interdependent in reality

I’m a straight stone cold individualist.

The moment I find people around me giving me the sincerest form of flattery by taking on some of my mannerisms of speech, I change the way I talk so I can continue to be different. Some people say this looks like a mental illness to them, however here is the sanity of it in it’s intent and purpose.

Getting lost in a sea of clones is not my idea of a good time. However at the same time no matter how independent any of us is in thought we can not escape that in reality we are interdependent on each other for life.

This is inescapable truth.

There is no such thing as being a self made anything. Other people had to exist for you to have the experiences that you used to create the idea of you that is who you are right now.

middle lead

This quote sums up leadership in one shot in my opinion. Here’s why.

True leadership simply sees a need and either does something about it or finds the right people to get it done.

That’s it.

A true leader is in service by the very definition of identifying and fulfilling needs.

A true leader is in service at all times to everything around them.

You can only truly lead from the middle. It’s where you have the best view of everything going on. The view will always be skewed however from the middle you get a better idea of the needs to be filled and who can do it if you can’t.

Leadership understands the interdependence that is the reality of life.

Everything we do is an inspired action. Something inspired us to do whatever it is we are doing and at times that influence is coming from multiple places.

Even though we are independent in making the choice to engage in action, without the others, there is nothing.

We are all connected and each of us at the center of our own tribe so to speak. A tribe that is always in a circle with no one really in charge however everyone has a role so to speak.

I hung out with my tribe last night at the after party. It was fascinating to watch and see where I fit in perfectly. You know you found your tribe when time disappears and you appreciate that we are interdependent in the reality of life to really live. Being surrounded by individuals each and everyone distinct and their own kind of original, without the rest of the tribe it would be nothing.

Whether we like it or not life is a shared reality created by all of us which means we all share the responsibility of why the world looks the way it does.

I am not overly joyed about  it myself some days, however it does not change this simple yet powerful truth.

Our reality is dependent upon the choices each of us make in thought and action and spoken words.

Majick is every word we speak that is the never ending spell we weave.

It’s the Karmic Law equivalent of saying we reap what we sow and that includes every word that comes out of our mouths

We also reap from what we allow to be sown within us. Makes who you decide to let in your space a very important life choice.

infinite creators

Instead of thinking about planting a seed of what you want to do, think of it as throwing it up in the air with those who have similar end goals in mind. Let it be molded and shaped by as many who share the end goal view as you can find.  Each of you independent in your being and what brought you to the view that you just happen to share with those who can be of assistance in the interdependent area of building anything in life.

Any questions?


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