Time to begin

Is this a test

Like all the rest

Another lesson to remind

Of another time

Not handling it the same

Not giving into the game

Character refining moments are often spent alone

Deciding what to do about what was shown

It’s in these times in between examining all the pieces to paint a better picture stepping back

That we often see from the detached view things are all on track

Nothing out of place and everything where it belongs

Regardless of whether or not we’re face to face listening to the same songs

Things come together over course of many journey’s had  by wanderers and bards 

Similar souls who often first meet outside of bars

It is a tribe of souls who reflect each other true

Each having their own cinematic view

Bringing stories together to share the stage

It’s in making the art of living the performance art that’s becoming all the rage

It takes an independent view

That allows me to be me and you to be you

It takes a shared view of understanding and love

It’s a view that leaps without a shove

You can feel who shares it before you ever meet

You feel it with each and every heart beat

Masters of projecting and inner reflecting

Finding the mirrors of themselves are now intersecting

What they project 

When they connect

It all gets amplified

And felt world wide

Forming a chain and bonds felt in the soul

Even though each of us is whole

Getting linked to form the chain of love and kindness

However not out of ignorance or blindness

It’s been shown again and again

That it’s time for this show to really begin

I know this band of bards I call my friends

When they read this I hope they realize once we begin it never really ends

Go ahead and laugh and get it out

Remember there is no need to ever again doubt

And to the other 2 with whom I share an unbreakable knot

This is something for us 3 to never let be forgot

It’s a bond deeper than most and made by choice

Each of us accepting with our own voice

Once upon time I had no choice in who to trust

And now it’s whatever we 3 are doing or bust

For those of you who are wondering

Keep letting your mind go wandering



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