The only Meditation you’ll ever need

If you had the time to lose
An open mind and time to choose
Would you care to take a look
Or can you read me like a book

When you find yourself talking to your reflection in the mirror, you already have a good idea something is not right in your life. One of best pieces of dialog from the film HOLLOW MAN with Kevin Bacon was this line said by a character who had become invisible.

It’s amazing what you can do… when you don’t have to look at yourself in the mirror any more. …

We have all played that game of what if I was invisible what would I do?

I’m over it, so we’re not going to do that here.

To look deep within yourself takes an open mind and a patient mind to take the time to accept what is being shown to you by you for you.

I have often found this one simple meditation has done more for the thousands for people I have suggested it to than anything else they had tried.  Here’s how simple it is.

Repeat these words until you feel your body take over the breathing.

I let go of everything

Once you’re body has taken over the breathing, say this.

I go into the void of my own mind to learn what I need to know right now.

That’s it.

Can I tempt you come with me
Be Devil may care fulfill your dream
If I said I’d take you there
Would you go would you be scared

Don’t be afraid you’re safe with me
Safe as any soul can be… honestly
Just let yourself go

This meditation is a door way to allowing your higher self or your connection to the Universal Consciousness, The Big U or some might call it God that resides within each of us. It is this simple to establish that divine and sacred connection. That inner voice that you ignore and at times become fearful of is trying to get you to dive within instead of being led around by the nose out here.

You’re attempting to guide yourself to what is the best of yourself, flaws included to be something you love and embrace without giving two fucks about anyone who can’t handle who you really are. Only you can show you how to be that human being.

Anyone telling you different is trying to make a living off your ignorance.

At times it will feel like the Devil guiding you, however keep in mind we are under no obligation to be perfect and I find it’s healthy to pick the sins you like that you can live with and still look yourself in the mirror without feeling the need for one of those talks that for me starts out with “What in the blue holy fuck am I doing?”

That’s when I know I need to let myself go into my meditation so I can tell me exactly what in the blue holy fuck I am doing and what I can do about it.

Or to say I’ve been using this mediation for over 4 years myself.

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing
You try to hide your deepest sins
Of all the things that you’ve done wrong
And I know where you belong

You’re being guided by yourself to learn to accept yourself or make changes. You will see every little dirty thing you ever did and learn to make peace with it. Think of it this way, it reinforces why there are certain things we won’t ever do again or won’t even think about doing or the things that if you don’t feel that bad about doing however may not admit to many people.

The fun part of the journey is learning you’re nowhere near as fucked up as you think you are or have been told you are.

Learning to love and accept you for who you know yourself to be is something only you can do.

The rest of us will never know you as well as you do. It is a fact and absolute truth of the human condition.

This meditation can assist in making that process more productive and faster depending on the choices you make in how you view what you show you.

Or to say once you start, there are no rules and there is only the box you create for yourself. A safe place in your mind for sanctuary that allows you to take rest during meditation instead of the endless journey of inner knowledge and understanding. A journey that will show you that no matter where you are in the progressive moment, you are exactly where you belong to learn the next lesson or live the reminder.

You put yourself in places for reasons you may not understand in the moment and it may take a while for enough pieces to fall into place for the organized chaos that is life to make sense in the big picture.

Time is always on my side

I always recommend this meditation as a sleep aid as it also sets the dream cycle for something productive and fun. Think of it as a lucid dreaming technique. It can also be used to set the beginning of doing a little Astral traveling.

Since you’re doing at bed time, the rest of your day is done and you now have no excuse.

Caught somewhere in time
Caught now in two minds!

It can feel as though you now understand what I mean about the progressive moment that never ends as time feels as though it comes to halt.

The awareness of the conscious and subconscious minds working in unison is not an easy one to get used to. However it allows for making changes in oneself happen much faster and with far greater results and less stumbling when walking the talk you lay out for yourself.

Self talk is the most important talk there is, be nice, be honest, be forgiving and accepting and talk yourself into the life you have dreamed of.


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