Majick Vs Magic

It is quite tragic

That so few understand true Majick

Magic is for amateurs who need the show

Majick is for those who found the flow

One is full of trappings and cages

One is how fools become sages

One has rules and steps to follow

It can often leave you feeling hollow

One says every word is your never ending spell

Each conversation and invocation of show and tell

We put on the mask 

For our given task

Let the words flow though

That will always be true

If your desire

Comes from a inner fire

That brings out  your best

No matter the test

If it calls upon the worst in you

Might wanna change your view

Speak well

Live well

That is is the simplicity of Majick

Versus the trappings and cages of magic

It’s based in one simple Karmic Law that is ever providing our direction

We reap what we sow in our every thought, word and action

Change the story that is on a repeat 

By changing what you say to the people you meet

Let them see your inner light shining true

More people will want to be around you

Those who can’t handle it

Are usually the ones full of shit

It’s no loss

To let them kindly fuck off

If you can’t be truly you

Who could ever be true to you

It’s tragic

How few embrace their true Majick




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