Skulls and Roses: Not your average Shaman


In times gone by before their was organized religion, Shamans were the ones who guided the people around them and cared for their emotional as well as spiritual needs. Shamans were the healers.

I find it totally acceptable to update the idea of what a modern day Shaman is and what one does.

It’s male or female and is a living conduit of wisdom and healing energy who also blends science, art and spirituality into one figure who is whatever any could need in the moment.

Skulls are cool. Get over it.

Roses are a wonderful symbol for the rose each of us is.

Life and death will forever be locked in the endless dance that allows each to exist.

A Shaman walks all worlds and lives the truth of these words in all they do.

Life and death are two sides of the same coin.

The face of life is there to show us all life has to offer.

The face of death is what we peer though once we’re gone and dead again.

We focus too much on the life after this one and forget to embrace this life for all it can be.

The skull has become a symbol of death and the rose a symbol of life and love.

What is life without love?

What is life without death?

Skulls and Roses and I’m not your average Shaman.

Skulls And Roses



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