Pick your death and live accordingly

Pick your death and live accordingly

Love life.

That’s the metaphor I attach to the word “Live.”

We feel alive when we’re loving our life. That doesn’t always mean we’re happy about where our life is in the moment. I always maintain that there is only one emotion, love. The rest of what we call emotions is the infinite expressions or faces of love. If there was no love for anything, there would be no reason to shed tears.

I’ve learned a lot about loving life from death the concept and Death the personifications we have given to it. Every culture throughout history has had a face it has given to Death. If we can put a face on it and make it more human, it’s not as scary and maybe can be reasoned with.

Why do we fear death to begin with?

Because we are not exactly sure what happens afterwards.

Because we love life.

Because we fear how we are going to go.

I asked myself once if I could choose how to go out, what would I choose?

I’m a hopeless romantic by genetics and my mother amplified this by raising me on Neil Diamond.

The death I picked out centers around this for the life that leads to a unique ending.

I decided if I have a choice, I would choose to spend many years with the same woman by my side as my partner in life. Once we are ready to check out for good and go back to where it is we come from we will do so in one last lovers embrace. We will transcend the mortal death and simply ascend breaking apart into light during our last sharing of orgasmic bliss.

Pick your death and live accordingly.

Love your life based on the death you want.

What does a life look like to achieve this ending?

Have you read the rest of this blog?

Death is a healer and a guide to help us find better ways of enjoying the ride.

Besides without the idea of your life coming to an end one day wouldn’t it take some of the fun out of life?

Death makes life exciting, it makes us cherish those moments that we wish could live on forever.

Death is part of life and we can either live in fear of death or we can live a life that makes death a sweet release and transformation back to whatever it is we were before this life here and now.

Never forget the opposite of death is life.

What makes you want to live, you know, love life?



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