The Living Spirit of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Quick history lesson.

Rock ‘N’ Roll got its name because it was the music people were fucking to in the back seats of cars across the nation.

Gene Simmons wasn’t inspired by The Beatles music to become a rock star, it was the screaming women that inspired the man to become The Demon on stage.

Last night someone tried to tell me Rock was dead.

The fuck it is.

Everywhere around the world people are going out getting drunk and fucking someone they wouldn’t have sober.

You can try and wrap it up anyway you want to feel better about it, however when you cut through it all, a drunken fuck is just that a drunken fuck.

While it could happen, there is most likely no love in the carnal act of a one night stand. It’s lust driven animal behavior and it feels good so we do it and find ways to make ourselves feel better about in the morning or we hate ourselves, the choice is ours.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman people, at some point you had to see this coming from a mile away.

I know most of the time I am more reserved and make attempts to be clean and proper, however this Rock ‘N’ Roll.

George Throrgood put it best “Rock ‘N’ Roll is supposed to be dirty.”

The living spirit of Rock lives in our lust and our desire to party our asses of and enjoy some good old fashion visceral experience.

I’m no moralist, I’m a humanist. It’s healthy to cut loose once in a while. It’s good to let your hair down and let the beast come out and play, all I’m saying is know there will be shit to deal with so act accordingly to what you feel like dealing with in the morning.

As long as there are people out there somewhere trying desperately to get laid in bars, Rock ‘N’ Roll will never die.

As long as there are people who have had enough of being prim and proper and want to get visceral for the night, Rock ‘N’ Roll will live on.

The human will always be a savage and will always need an outlet for that savage and that is the heart and soul of Rock ‘n Roll.

Long live Rock ‘N’ Roll.


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