True Blue

Have you been to the dark side of the moon
Have you seen there is no spoon

Did you take the quest
Did you pass the test

Have you been insane
Have you played the game

Some say insanity is a bad thing
Some like the repeating

If you don’t like what keeps popping up
Try drinking from a different cup

If you like the things that happen on a repeat
Keep performing those feats

There is an insanity that is so ever sweet
When it’s based in love with those you meet

You find yourself in the same dance
Knowing it’s never by chance

Though the partners change from time to time
You really don’t mind

If gives a chance to always enjoy more views
To reveal more of what is inside of you

If they don’t notice what’s beaming from within
In moving on there is no sin

The only sin is the insanity of hell
That you weave with your own spell

The lessons you never learn
That lead to that repeated burn

Not the one of your hearts true desire
The one that leaves you feeling as though it’s time to retire

If it feels good do it is what some say
Not caring about the sway

Forgetting for some of the highs there is a mighty low
That has you feeling as though you took a mighty blow

A shot to the head and the heart
That you had warnings of from the start

Now never fear
I’ll make it quite clear

If want to change the story
Stop searching for glory

Do what feels right and true
Glory will simply follow you

Making a bunch of noise
Is for girls and boys

As for women and men
Let your voice soften

Be sincere with your words and let them always be true
It will have a dramatic effect on yours and their view

It takes an inner desire to change what you’re projecting
With follow through to change what all is reflecting

It’s the Law of Reflection and the Cinematic View
That say to change your story it all starts within you

You can’t fake it or put on a show
It’s the Big U that you cannot snow

They may not know any one detail behind the mask
They feel the deception of your task

It’s why it’s all about being true
And letting it shine that which is in you

To hide it or play it small
Will guarantee no ride but a constant fall

You can test it if you will
I’ve had enough of that poison pill

It’s why I write this poetic verse
So that you may avoid your own curse


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