It’s always time to be you

So this is what you meant
When you said that you were spent
And now it’s time to build from the bottom of the pit
Right to the top
Don’t hold back
Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain-check

Too many of us live a show behind a mask playing a character. Not bringing our character to the forefront, however creating one we think will be what will propel us forward or even worse keep a relationship going.

When I feel spent, it is usually after attempting to fit where I don’t.

What I mean by that is that there are not many places these days that are accepting of someone who is in fact an Empath, Telepath and Medium. In fact I often have trouble getting people to show some support even though they dig my view on everything else.

They live in fear that to be associated with me is to be seen by those who don’t get it as crazy.

People who take a step back when they realize I am not playing around and are trying to protect their image, well these are the same people who could be the biggest help in spreading the education about people like myself and millions upon millions of others.

I spent most of the last 4 years helping people awakening to the realization that in fact they do what I do for the most part and people who step back our of fear of how I would make them look to be associated with me, I think the most appropriate reaping from that kind of sowing is “Kindly go fuck yourself coward.”

It inflicts harm to ignore any for any reason and scientific studies have been done to prove this point. I have done 4 years of scientific research and well my daily life scientifically proves the fact that I am indeed an Empath a Telepath and a Medium.

Or to say I need no Academy award as this is no act.

This is me not holding back.

So this is where you fell
And I am left to sell
The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell
Right to the top
Don’t look back
Turning to rags and giving the commodities a rain-check

Heaven and hell are nothing more than how you view your life.

To me living hell is placating the ignorant fucks of the world and playing small to keep from the arguments and name calling that always ensues as I call bullshit on people using my skills and when they try to tell me I have it wrong I bring up how I do it.

I don’t care if they don’t believe it, it doesn’t stop me and the millions like me from existing and doing it anyway.

Why I call these people ignorant fucks with zero problem is these are the same people who buy into the law of attraction that was all channeled from a non corporeal entity that Esther Hicks calls the Abraham collective.

They have no problem with her being a Medium and channeling the information that came from a source that science can’t back up. Not to mention it’s bullshit for the most part and clever marketing to create a billion dollar industry.

Spirituality is not a commodity to be sold and turned into seminars and a system that is actually pretty much just another wolf religion in sheeps clothing.

For me living hell is people who tell me I don’t exist as I do and then go on quoting an entity.

It’s time to begin, isn’t it?
I get a little bit bigger but then I’ll admit
I’m just the same as I was
Now don’t you understand
That I’m never changing who I am

People hate getting duped and more than that they hate admitting they have been duped for a long time.

This why the truth often pisses you off the first time you hear it. It usually shows how  you have been duped or brainwashed as I have noticed the subliminal messages in the law of attraction advertising and marketing for the last few years. Messages buried within to brainwash people.

I have been known to channel the Universal hive mind and I was born with what is called 9th Dimensional access or access to what is also called God Consciousness or understanding and tapping into what people would call the mind of God.


Like I have never heard it before or have no idea how it sounds.

Doesn’t stop it from being true.

That’s me not holding back and I am never changing who I am as it is exactly as who I was born as.

I have been doing this my entire life.

I have channeled what we call the Grim Reaper before. I often channel what I call the Archangel Zadkiel who is the Archangel of wisdom compassion and mercy and is associated with the color purple or the same color as the crown chakra which represents consciousness and a connection to the Universal consciousness. I also channel what is known as King Nuada of the Tuatha De Danann or Nuada the Silver Hand.

These are the 3 main entities I work with and on occasion Jesus shows up, sometimes it’s Bruce Lee and I have gotten lessons from Ghandi and Buddha. I am a Medium and that means most of the last 4 years I also was being taught by Archangels and Ascended Masters alike.

It’s why I happen to be right and don’t need to be right. I had the greatest teachers from across the cosmos and our own history.

I get little bigger then what I have let be seen out of my own fear of the reactions I have already dealt with for far too long.

Fuck being a hypocrite and fuck fear.

This is me doing it anyway.

Frankly anyone who would ask me to be more normal can kiss my ass and make sure it’s a french kiss.

This is what happens when I don’t hold back.

For my friends and connections that can feel energy I am curious to how this post will feel to you. Please let me know in the comments.

I love you all and thank you for your continuing support.

Expect some channeling from Death and crew in the near future and if you would like to learn directly from the Ascended Masters hit me up.


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