Change the tide to change the ride


Do you ride the wave

Do you create waves for others to ride

Is the wave you’re riding

A changing of the tide

In the ocean of emotion

That we all swim through every day in every way

It’s the waves we make 

That shape our fate

If all we do is enjoy the ride

We are a slave to the tide

If we own our choices

And raise our voices

It’s a changing of the tide

To change the nature of the ride

Do you ride the wave alone

Feeling like a island made of earth and stone

Do you ride with others

Sisters and brothers

Do you let yourself be a part of other waters

The tide created by sons and daughters

A wave created by children

Is more aligned with being as one

Seeing how easy it is for ones to form a sum

We tell children to do this or that

Then become the living hypocrite

We tell them to share

Then hoard for ourselves our of selfish care

Telling ourselves it’s OK

To keep it all for ourselves this way

Finding reasons and excuses

To be so exclusive

It’s all here for all to share

It starts from within in the way we care

It will still be here after we are gone

No matter the strength of our song

The steady chorus of emotions sweet tide

That lays out before us the nature of our ride

We reap as we have sown

Once the seeds have grown

For it to be for the sum

It’s our desire for ourselves alone that must come undone

It’s the mastering of our projection 

That changes the outer reflection

Be the change you wish to see

In the movement of the great sea

Ride the waves and create the ride

That will be the changing of the tide

The one that allows all to ride

No matter who they are inside

Letting the honesty of your flow

Be what it is you sow

Bringing your flow from deep within

Connected to the flow that has no beginning or end

It’s the connection to all that awaits

It’s deep within us all under all the hate

Forget the hate and heal the pain

And never again flow in vain

Creating a wave for all to ride

Creating a changing of the tide





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