What’s a Souldier?

That is not a typo in title and the song Diamond Eyes from Shinedown might help me explain the concept of what it means to be a Souldier for Peace in the Army of none.

I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes,
I am the ghost, that hides in the night

What is the soul and how do we know it lives within us?

The living ghost in the shell of the flesh.

The essence of who we allow ourselves to be when we shine our brightest, however often hiding who that is in the activities that is the night life for so many of us. I’m an alcoholic. Me and booze don’t mix well. With my intuitive sharpness I often find when I drink I will hit on everything you don’t want to face in the living mirror we each are for each other behind the smoke that is what we conjure for the rest for the world to see. Allowing the living mirror you are to reflect not the smokey facade, but the inner light behind it, now that’s a tricky dance on any given night in the never ending circus of lights.

It takes taking the time to avoid the knee jerk reaction and look beyond the current projection we face and allowing what beams behind it assist us in forming a response that recognizes who is there crying out to be noticed and seeing what it is we should be acknowledging in the kings and queens behind the clowns we all are whether we like it or not.

Our light becomes the ghost we hide behind who think are in the shadows of the night. Masking ourselves in the darkness we feel at home with and don’t mind sharing in public places with our ghostly faces.

Wait, wait a minute take a step back
you gotta think twice before you react
so stay, stay a little while
Because a Promise not kept is the road to exile
HEY! whats the circumstance
you’ll never be great without taking a chance so
wait, you waited too long
had your hands in your pocket
when you shoulda been gone

If you got your hands in your pockets, you’re not looking to give or receive. You’re not looking to be apart of what’s going on, you’re there to watch the show playing out before you.

If that’s the case, you’re reaction is not going to serve what you observe. You’ve made yourself the outsider by keeping your hands in your pockets and offering nothing and accepting nothing. When we go to places whether we like it or not our presence is a promise to give and receive. We create our exile by not taking a place within the festivities that is the circus of lights before us.

We are each the star of our film we call life. When our stories collide we do ourselves no favors by keeping our hands in our pockets and thus dimming our own star and taking ourselves out of the supporting role in their story and being a star in our own. Moving ourselves to the background scenery of our living film.

Our words the script we create as we go. Our actions the direction we give our life to develop our story. The time we spend together is the screen we share to grow our story and take part in other films that make for a greater spectacle when we join to share the stage of the night.

A circus has many performers and when they share the stage is when the audience becomes even more enthralled with the show, giving a wider range or stars for the audience to connect with in the moment we share as they take a step back to take it in.

Before you react and put your hands in your pockets and break the promise you made with your presence, think about why you even showed up to begin with. Was it to watch to the show or be a part of it with the other stars of the night. It it was to merely watch, then as the lights fade make your way out as if you were never there to begin with and be the ghost you made of yourself for the night.

If you are looking to have your star shine with other performers of the night on a more consistent basis, keep your hands out of your packets and give a hug and/or a handshake to all you meet and greet.

Form connections, form bonds, create blessed unions between those you resonate with most in your most personal performance that requires an intimate moment between the closest of those you call friend.

We are all brothers and sisters, however our friends are even closer to us and the ones we spill our guts too. You know the ones we drop the act for and show how much of fuck up we are too in our own human endeavor and where we appreciate so few above the others for what we give each other in every moment whether we can see each others faces or not.

I got a friend who does the same soul swapping thing I do that freaks people out when I explain it. The most beautiful part of the gift is that you really feel how alone none of us is in a way that is beyond description in the pure love it takes to make the connection to begin with. After spending a few years on your own it’s not easy to recognize the bonds that are ever present in what we build in a constant. Let’s face it at times we do like to be all alone and feel as though we can have a moment all alone to ourselves.

That’s when we put our hands in our pockets to signify we want not to give to what is in front of us as we do not wish to receive from anything before us either. Who cares why as it always depends on where it is we have decided to show up. Frankly there are times it is best for us to keep our hands to ourselves and sit back and be the outsider we are.

Sometimes you need to remember where you don’t belong to appreciate it that much more, where you do.

Every night of my life
I watch angels fall from the sky
Every time that the sun still sets
I pray they don’t take mine

There is a bit of a renegade angel in all of us for every faithfully serving angel that resides as well. There is humanness we can never escape that will always have times of wondering why in the blue holy hell any god would allow for some of the atrocities that take place in our world. There must be a devil of some sort to blame. Otherwise we have to admit what savages we are.

We have to admit we are the demons that plague the world as much as we have the ability to be the angels that save it.

INXS says each and everyone of us the devil inside. God lives there too.

Within each of us is the temptation to allow ourselves the experiences to remind us why we all have desires that go unfilled but not unthought of on occasion. We have moments of weakness when we do give in to certain desires of the flesh that we know better than to do.

It’s the angels we seek to save us from ourselves and pray the demons that are those angels fallen from the sky are not what crosses our path.

I’m on the front line
don’t worry I’ll be fine
the story is just beginning
I say goodbye to my weakness
so long to the regret
and now I see the world through diamond eyes

A Souldier sees that the only war going on is the one within.

A Souldier does not seek battle as that would means the Souldier is not at peace with ones life.

A Souldier seeks to bring peace to oneself before ever going out into the night.

A Souldier who sees conflict before them seeks only to assist in negotiating peace for the moment as long as it can last.

A Souldier is no soldier.

A Souldier does not do combat with their words much less their flesh.

On the front lines of being around those with conflict within the story is always beginning anew and the inner strength of the Souldier regrets nothing in the life that led to where they are now.

The Army of none is recognizing no army is ever needed when all you seek is to be at peace with yourself and the life you choose to live.


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