The Circus of Lights


On each side 

Is a different kind of ride

The carnival of dark souls

Looks to give you a roll

The circus of lights

To take away the fright

In the dance of the night

It is the circus that is the sight

That brings out the stars

From near and far

To show off who they think they are

Outside of the dark carnivals of souls bar

When they come out into the night

To be seen in the light

To tell tales of the times had

Both good and bad

To remember when 

They engaged in that favorite sin

The one of pride

That starts the ride

Whether the spirals go up or down

Each and every one their own kind of clown

In the Circus of Lights

Outside every night

Every time the performers take to the street to get someone to see

That tonight is the night of the ever growing we

The clowns and the dancers

The seers and romancers

All come down for the show

That has it’s own kind of flow

Down into the dark carnival they go

Returning the circus to remember their own flow

Living works art each and every one

Art forever forming and coming undone

To be reshaped and molded a new

As it is with the ever changing view

It’s a shared stage

Never a cage

The movies of us all colliding

With no need of fighting

Makes for a grander design

A reason for the big line

In this stage we have all taken

It’s that kind of thing that we’ve forsaken

A dance of love

That needs no shove

Friends and brothers and sisters all around

Listen to the sweet sound

Of the circus and the clowns 

Never tearing each other down

In the circus of lights

There are no fights

Only bright souls shining bright

Each and every night


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