Empaths and Relationships

I have spent a good deal of time in the last 4 years mentoring Empaths and teaching them to manage their gift better. Many Empaths prior to realizing their being often get misdiagnosed with bipolar. In the many I’ve counseled there is a distinct pattern that emerged, relationship hell.

Whether it is a man or a woman every Empath I have dealt with all say the same thing “people tell me all the time they feel drawn to me and feel as though they can trust me instantly.”

Here’s why this happens.

On a subconscious level the individual who feels drawn to the Empath is often someone who has some emotional issues they are ignoring. It is often there is a traumatic or series of traumatic events that have taken place in their life. An Empath will take on the full measure of the pain associated with that event or events and the individual will feel really good and not understand why. They will always want to talk to the Empath when things are not going well and won’t consciously realize it in most cases that they are using the Empath to dump their emotional pain into while getting the benefit of the peace and strength Empaths have an abundance of.

The Empath will catch on real fast.

In relationships trying to hide anything from your Empath partner is near impossible. An Empath will simply know you’re lying without knowing the details. They feel it from your emotional core regardless of how well you think you lie or how many you have fooled others before meeting the Empath.

Your Empath partner will most likely always be keeping you emotionally stable. They will often anticipate your needs or desires without you having to say a word. In relationship’s once you are living together the bond will grow stronger and a telepathic bond will develop and there is will be nothing you can hide from the Empath you share your life with.

I have experienced this in every one of my relationships where we lived together including all 3 wives. I experience this with anyone I talk to as I am also a Telepath and a Medium who most frequently channels your higher self.

In a relationship this can be a beautiful connection when it is built on honesty and trust. It allows for the love to flow freely and to have a partner in life who is always able to cater to your emotional needs without even trying that hard. It is merely a part of their being. Empaths by nature are nurturers and it is most likely why my favorite job of all time was being a house husband and stay at home father.

Your Empath partner will always need and I do mean need time to themselves to clear themselves and center so they can give you their best which is always their intent when it comes to relationships as Empaths know no other way to love then with every fiber of their being. Their love can be intense and feel all-encompassing as if you are the only person in existence.

Part of the reason we are like this is because it’s the easiest way to block out the rest of what is around and protect ourselves by locking into you alone and riding your emotional wave. Empaths truly become a we in relationships and can often lose themselves and as a result we are often quirky with certain things we hold onto in order to keep that from happening.

When it comes to sex, well Empaths tend to be better lovers as they are able to read your emotional enjoyment during sex and adjust accordingly to make the experience as pleasurable for you as they can. They ride the wave with you and as a result they get the same level of pleasure from sex as what they give. I have yet to talk to a single Empath, male or female that does not have ex-lovers still trying to hit it one more time at least.

This is the simple truth of what an Empath deals with when it comes to relationships.

This is the simple truth of what to expect if you find yourself in a relationship with an Empath.

The down side of all of this is this.

If you are carrying any emotional baggage the Empath will often unknowingly do things that trigger this baggage in order to assist you in self-healing the emotional pain you don’t need to be carrying. Until you do the Empath will be dealing with it too. They have no off switch and their only desire is to help you heal.

This can and does often lead to friction in relationships of any kind for an Empath, even friendships are difficult to maintain for this reason.
If you find yourself interested in an Empath, they’ve already felt it and will often wait for you to make the first move. Do yourself a favor and make that move and set boundaries that allow things to move at pace that you are comfortable with. The Empath will have already sensed your emotional compatibility and be ready to fall head over heels in love with you and cherish you in a way you usually only read about in stories of fiction.



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