One rings, two rings, a chain is formed

Last night I attended the local vigil held by the LGBTQ held in response to the tragedy in Orlando.

People spoke and reminded us all that violence is never the answer and that we all deserve to be who we are no matter who that is and be able to find acceptance.

To bring it to an end we all formed a giant circle and just took a long moment of silence looking at each other with the intent of healing. There were many across untold number of cities that formed their own rings.

Rings of healing in a time of shock and tragedy.

Rings of people forgetting about the hate in order to heal the pain.

Linking rings together forms chains. We are all connected and last night there was a chain of healing created by all who attended these vigils.

As assuring as it is when we show up in time of tragedy to show our support for anyone or anything, why does it take the tragedy for us to take time out and find some people to form a healing ring with?

Anything we give our energy to we give our energy to.

What do you give your energy to that makes you feel as though you are part of a healing ring in an unseen chain?

How many chains are you connected to?

middle lead

Leadership is a buzz word too often thrown around by consultants to show what they think they know.

It’s thrown around by CEO’s who still don’t fully understand what it looks like in living action.

Leadership has noting to do with business or governance, it is a quality of being and is a set of authentic behaviors that must be embraced by choice.

You can’t train it and many are born with it only to have it go unrecognized because they have no title, nor do they seek title.

No one can teach you to be a leader they can only assist you in discovering the leader you are when you allow yourself to be as it’s needed by the life you have created around you.

I have a new chain I connected to in The Change Team. A healing ring connected to many other healing rings.

A chain that spreads out like a web with many souls connected in common purpose whether they know each other or not in the flesh. Each speaking well adding to the majick that will bring us to a changed world that is already changing. It’s happening slowly and is picking up steam with every chain of healing rings that connects and simply keeps doing what they do.

We will reach a day where violence against the LBGTQ community will end and we will reach a day where we forget the hate and heal the world wide pain that is the source of the worldwide violence.

You, you may say. I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Our numbers are growing my fellow dreamers and remember

And if you feel you can’t go on

I’ll be there to be strong becasue together we’re going to make it through

When the night turns into dawn it’s another victory won and I know I can carry on

This second set of lyrics aren’t as famous yet, so here is the rest of the song below.



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