The Art of Truth

The truth is.

It has infinite expressions.

There’s ways of telling the truth.

One can be blunt in ones expression of the truth or one can take one on an adventure of a story to reveal the truth with a softer touch. One can use humor to soften the blow and even music can reveal the truth with a mind at ease.

The truth is.

It’s not personal and it’s not something anyone can own. These things I’ve said before. The truth is the key to every door. In honest expression of who you think you are is where you find the freedom to be the change you would like to see in the world.

Wisdom is revealed in experience and in learning from it or that of another in how one chooses to live life. The wise are those who follow wise guidance even their own. Why wouldn’t I do for me what I am saying you should do for you?

Empathy is taking that moment to think what if it was me?

The truth is there is nothing new and everything is a rehash of something else.

The truth is you are the story you live.

Live a good story and give yourself memories worth commemorating by sharing them and allowing the story of you to live on through as many who share it.

The truth is each of us is living a tale we never stop telling. Some of us write it down for the rest to read, most don’t and that’s OK.




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