No really, We are one

You are not alone and how long can you run
It’s much to late if you dont know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone
Once upon a time you were a child but that was yesterday
Believed that magic in your heart would never fade away

But hold your head up high and let your spirits fly
Keep hope alive yes deep inside and your dreams will never die

What is it you’re running from or to?

What is it around you that makes you feel the need to get away?

Everyday is a day of growth and learning and we can be the child at the start of everyday and grow to maturity throughout the day.

There is magic and there is Majick. Here’s the difference.

The magic we are familiar with often involves rituals and invocations and offerings to appease gods and stuff such as that.

Majick is the spell you weave with your every word that creates the path you follow in life. Hold the dream alive inside and allow your thoughts to be your prayers and choose how you speak carefully to bring those dreams to life through shared creation. As independent in thought as we can be, we must share in the creation process in order to bring any dream to life.

Oooh take a breath, close your eyes you’re on the road again
And then you realize they’ve brought you back to life again
Something’s never change but if you fantasize
You’ll feel it deep inside yourself and then you’ll realize

When you feel it coming
When you hear the sound
You’ll always laugh when you wanna cry
And then you’ll know it deep inside

When you step back far enough from your life and your view of it, you can find the cosmic joke.

You can find how the life and dream you saw dying is often brought back to life after removing some people from your life so the ones who have a similar vision can step in so you can bring it to life together.

When you have doubt in your dream you will be faced with those who doubt you in the reflections of you that pop up until you learn to say “fuck it I’m doin’ it anyway.”

At times it might require a change in direction in order to make that dream a reality. Often that change in direction allows for others dreams to become as well. The more people you have working together to bring a similar vision to life, the grander that vision and dream can become as it evolves through the Majick of your support and the work you do together.

It does take real work for real Majick. The spell weaving of our words only sets us in motion to allow the Universe, God, whatever helps you sleep better, guide us in becoming the human we need to be in order to do the work to bring the dream to life. The Majick is always in us and is about us becoming the projection of our desire, not just the wanting of it and excepting it to come, the real work of becoming so that your projection will find the reflections that have a similar vision.

Everything I know, what I know is true
Everyone of us is inside of you
We are one
We are one

You are me, I am you
What you see, is all true

I sat on a bench and talked to myself yesterday. It looked like I was talking to a friend of mine. During the conversation we both mentioned it more than once “It’s nice to talk to me.”

We are all connected and given the flesh and the ego process to develop an individual view that allows new and different ways of discovering the same universal or absolute truths, however expressing them in infinite ways.

You are me and I am you and we are one.

It’s “I’m in it for the sum” at the end of the day regardless of the work I do that day for the some that make their way to me or I them or us as one simply finding each other finally.

Far too often we question the simplicity as if it has to be more complex than it is. I work at accepting the simplicity that life can be and when I say simple I do not mean easy.

We are one.


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