In the Theater

In the Theater
Not the movie theater

The one that’s lasted as long as we have been performing for each other

The Theater

The one that will never go away no matter how much technology we bring to telling the story

The Theater

The one where dialog is so masterfully crafted and delivered we can’t believe it’s a show

You never cry harder than you do in The Theater

You never feel the punch to the chest more then when you’re in The Theater

Whether it be outside or in
The pleasure is never a sin

The show on the stage before you
Sometimes can inspire a change in view

To be able to bring it from within
Over and over again

And have each performance
Be its own kind of romance

It’s one private seduction
With each and every production

No matter how many shows are in the run
Bringing in from within until the last one is done

The performing art that we forget
As if it’s some sort of dirty secret

The Theater is all around you
Simply change your view

And watch the performances and the players
See what lay within the layers

You never know who is going to be watching you
To see if you live your words true

The ones who bring it from within
Do it again and again

It looks different and sure some things change
The more something changes the more it stays the same

I forget who first used that verse
Google it if you want but please give me no curse

Go enjoy The Theater you never knew
The one always in front of you


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