The Razor’s Edge

You call it the razor’s edge
You only see it as a ledge

If you’re not careful you could fall
Tends to make you stall

Not seeing it’s not an edge but a line
And nothing is written for all time

The line is as wide as you need
Only if you walk it without greed

In times of introspection
Use it to refine your projecting reflection

Speak well
Live well

Speak sincere
And there will be no fear

Find the inner voice
That helps you make a better choice

That makes the results you like to see
A life that feels easy

Take the time to get it out
Take the time to remove your doubt

Find the faith that comes from within
Built on the experience whether glory or sin

The lessons learned
The times we got burned

Times we can never forget
That never holds an ounce of regret

Lessons we learn
To find that joyful burn

To feel the difference between pleasure and pain
Is the routine exercise in being beautifully insane

Each has lessons to teach
What they are can be different for each

It’s the same lesson through and through
I’ll be me and you be you

Let that be enough
To set aside the stupid stuff

And take it in
What each is beaming out from within

It’s only at night
That you can find the circus of light

During the day
The performers hide away

Perfecting their living art
Refining their part

Each has a part to play
On any given stage any given day

At times fading to the background
Not making even one sound

When you live without regret
There are too many moments you never want to forget

When you set the purest intent from within
Is when you start to see the real majick begin

Never forgetting during life’s test
That each and every one of us is blessed


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