The Muse that is She

By the light of the moon the brightest light can’t be seen
And I feel as though I’ve fallen into your dream

In the darkest hour of the day
Your light shows me the way

It’s the things you cast your light upon
That has me feeling drawn

Not by desire
It’s not that kind of fire

This burning within
Has nothing to do with any kind of sin

It’s not romance
It’s not the kind of dance

It’s the inspiration of a muse
To an artist feeling confused

Looking for direction
After careful introspection

As in days of old
A muse can neither be bought or sold

Whether she be goddess or queen
Her inspiration never obscene

She is not one
She is not won

She has many faces and each inspire
The artist to burn with that inner fire

To let it come forth from within
To never let it be about any kind of sin

It’s not his heart that drives this fire
It’s his mind that she inspires

She has no name
She plays no game

She is the moon on any given night
She that I could never fight

It’s all of thee
That could be she

As it is always been she
That is all of thee

That has brought out my best any given day
Inspiring me to bring it from within in every way


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